Decorating with Plants

Plants make exceptional home decor. In addition to enhancing your home with new colors, textures, and fragrances, using plants to decorate is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to keep your home looking stylish and fresh. Plus, being around plants has been shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, no matter what the season!

Years of research have proven the health benefits of plants to their owners and surroundings. As few as three small plants in a 12×10 foot room can purify the air we breathe and lower stress. Indoor plants lower the presence of molds and bacteria in contrast to rooms without plants. This season, consider adding some plant decor to your home.

Late Winter & Early Spring

This is the perfect time to add to (or start!) your houseplant collection and freshen up the stale, heated, dry air in your home. To learn more about houseplants, join our new Facebook group called “Houseplant Haven”.

In January and February, in addition to our other houseplants, we are featuring Orchids and are hosting a regional Orchid Show on February 15th at our Davidsonville store. Come by and be dazzled and inspired!

The store is a fabulous "Christmas shop.” Whatever your decorating style or needs, betting you'll find the perfect touches at Homestead Gardens. Linda Z.