Holiday Shop

Homestead Gardens offers a wide selection of seasonal plants and decor to inspire your creativity at home. Get your home ready for any holiday with our accessories, whether you need romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day, to spooky witches and skeletons for your little one’s Halloween party, an evergreen wreath to bring Christmas cheer to your front porch, or ceramic bunnies to adorn your garden this spring. Find seasonal items like autumn ornamental gourds, spring daffodils, or winter wreaths to add a festive touch to your home, indoors and out.

Indoor Decor

Visit Homestead Gardens for a huge selection of indoor decor. We have everything you need to celebrate every holiday and season in style.

Homestead Gardens Porch Pot

Outdoor Decor

Visit Homestead Gardens to find beautiful, unique and fun outdoor decor to make your house and grounds beautiful. We have everything you need to dress up the outside of your house for the season - seasonal porch pots, patio furniture, Spring and Summer decor, and so much more.


Decorating with Plants

Plants make exceptional home decor. In addition to enhancing your home with new colors, textures, and fragrances, using plants to decorate is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to keep your home looking stylish and fresh.