Chick Availability 2020

We are excited to once again offer live chicks (AND ducks) for sale in our Farm & Pet department! See below for Spring 2020 breed availability and arrival dates.

Limited quantities! First come, first serve!

Actual day of arrival will vary. Please ‘like’ our Facebook page for updates on chick arrivals or call the store to confirm availability. Quantities will vary per store.

** Breeds with stars are new for 2020!

Week of March 24th

Ameraucanas SOLD OUT

Barred Rock
Rhode Island Red
Buff Orpington
Light Brahma
Speckled Sussex
Black Australorp
Red Star – Farm Raised
Black Star – Farm Raised
Golden Campines **

Week of March 30th

White Orpington
Salmon Faverolles
Whiting True Blue
Whiting True Green
Blue Laved Red Wyandotte
Blue Andalusian
Silver Laced Wyandotte
Golden Laced Wyandotte
Egyptian Fayoumis**
Red/Black Star

Week of April 14th

Golden Polish
WC Black Polish
Light Brahma
Silver Polish
Red Star & Black Star
Blue Cochin
Buff Orpington
Whiting True Blue

Week of April 20th

Barred Rock
Buttercups **
Speckled Sussex
Whiting True Green
Red Star & Black Star
Assorted Purebreed Bantams

Ducks – Week of May 4th

Khaki Campbell
Welsh Harlequin**

Homestead Gardens raised “Red Stars” & “Black Stars” available to purchase in April.