Vegetables, Herbs, & Seeds

One of the more satisfying gardening experiences is growing your own food, and we believe that anyone can do it! Whether you’re an experienced gardener with a large garden or someone new to plants with a small patio, Homestead Gardens has edible plants and herbs for sale that can help you enjoy a fresh harvest. Our staff is dedicated to providing quality plants and advice to help ensure your garden is a success.


You can’t beat a tomato fresh off the vine and still warm from the sun. We love helping people stock their vegetable gardens. Starting in early spring, you’ll find a wide selection of cool-season edible plants for sale in the Homestead Gardens greenhouse. Come in towards the end of March to get your garden growing with lettuce, cabbage, and broccoli transplants. By the end of April, you’ll find summer vegetables ready to tuck into your garden. Stop by to pick up tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and more. When it’s time to plant fall gardens, you’ll find more cool-season vegetables like cabbage, kale, and lettuce ready for you to make the most of another season.

Planting a vegetable garden is a wonderful family activity. Children learn about nature and how food is created. As a family, you work together and bond even more. Homestead Gardens carries easy-to-grow vegetable varieties that are sure to provide a rewarding experience. We also stock many varieties that are well suited to container growing for those with limited space. Feel free to talk to our staff about what plants are best for your garden.

Can’t get enough of gardening? If you are looking to expand your garden, or to try something new in your homegrown garden, check out our selection of root veggies, including a wide selection of organic potatoes, onions, and more.


It’s so much fun to pick fresh parsley for your dinner, right outside your door. Herbs are more than seasonings, with a leafiness that adds texture to any garden. They’re perfect for experienced gardeners, beginner gardeners, and even those who are sure they don’t possess a green thumb. They’re also easy and rewarding to care for, especially when you start with quality plants. We offer a selection of culinary herbs for sale year-round. Start a little indoor garden at any time of year. We offer a variety of herbs, including annual plants like basil, parsley, and cilantro, as well as perennial herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme.

Spruce up meals and cocktails with fresh flavor by planting herbs into existing flower beds or around your patio for quick access. They’re sure to impress your guests. Those with limited backyard space can create a container garden of herbs. Many varieties do well in containers indoors. You can also grow them in flower boxes, hanging planters, or grow vertically by making a container wall.


Don’t be afraid to start with seeds. You can pick from a wide selection of herb and vegetable seeds, which will add a great variety of productive rows to your garden, including such options as green beans, sweet corn, and cucumbers. For those who are ready to take their gardening a step further, start your own tomato, pepper, and broccoli transplants early in the spring. Our knowledgeable team is happy to provide any helpful advice you need to take your garden from seed to plate.

This is THE place to go for gardening needs. I've never been disappointed with the vegetable plants I've purchased there. Leslee R.