Houseplants & Seasonal Flowers

Nothing breathes new life into a home like a healthy houseplant. In addition to purifying the air, a splash of green instantly freshens up your space. Homestead Gardens has a wide selection of houseplants and seasonal flowers for sale. Choose from bonsai, indoor flowering plants, bromeliads, orchids, palms, ferns, cacti, air-purifying plants, and more. Our knowledgeable staff will help you match your needs with the perfect plant.


Bonsai trees make a uniquely beautiful statement in your home or garden. Bonsai specimens are ordinary trees and shrubs, not hereditary dwarfs. They are dwarfed by a system of pruning roots and branches, as well as training branches by tying them with wire.

We offer two bonsai trees in two different sizes: 3” pot starter plants and finished plants. Starter plants offer greater freedom in the future look and styling of your plants. Starter plants are ideal for hobbyists, bonsai beginners, and more experienced bonsai practitioners. They are suitable bonsai material and are also great decorative plants. They have been propagated, cultivated, and pruned to encourage classic bonsai attributes. Our finished or potted selections are trained, pruned, and potted in imported ceramic bonsai pots. Our indoor bonsai are tropical and subtropical varieties ideal for in-house conditions.

Miniature Plants

We’re big on minis! Our collection of miniature flowering plants add color and brightness to any indoor decor. Available in 2-2.5” pots, these plants are ideal for terrariums, fairy gardens, computer workspaces, windowsills, and even dorm rooms. All of your favorite flowering plants are now available in cute, compact specimens! Some of the plants we carry include Cyclamen, Kalanchoe, Calandiva, African Violets, and Campanula.

You can get in on the fun too. We carry everything you need to create a terrarium or fairy garden all your own. We have plants, terrarium containers, and even miniature fairy garden accessories like animals, signs, buildings, and more. Check out our terrarium how-to sheet. Be sure to keep up with the Homestead Gardens calendar as we occasionally offer terrarium workshops.

Clean Air Plants

Did you know that decorating your home with plants can also help keep you healthy? Plants help filter air pollutants, reduce stress, and add humidity to the air. We carry several varieties of plants that are known for their ability to clean the air, including Boston ferns, spider plants, dracaenas, bamboo palms, English ivy, corn plants, pothos, ficus alii, peace lilies, and Chinese evergreens.


Everyone loves easy-care succulents. At Homestead Gardens, we carry a large variety of delightful succulent plants and cacti. They’re perfect for shining solo in a unique and small pot, or for creating colorful and distinctive containers featuring different shapes and textures. Their ability to store water makes them a low maintenance choice for busy plant lovers.


Take your decor to the next level with beautiful, sculptural orchids. They provide long-lasting and spectacular color throughout the year. At Homestead Gardens, we carry several orchid varieties for the beginners, including Phalaenopsis or “moth” orchids, as well as our premium collection of ColorOrchids®, Singolo orchids, and orchid gardens. For enthusiasts, we bring in several unique varieties throughout the year, including Miltonia (“pansy” orchid), Cattleya, and Twinkle. Call for availability.

Despite their delicate appearance, orchids are surprisingly easy to maintain. To learn more about the wonderful world of orchids, check our workshop/seminar schedule for orchid talks given by one of our experienced staff members. We cover topics such as basic care, repotting, summer to winter care, mounting, companion plants, and more.


Bromeliads bring an exotic vibe to your home, providing color and decorative air to any interior space. Originally from the tropics of South America, Central America, and Africa, these plants are easy to care for. The most common variety of bromeliads, the flowering guzmania (guzmania spp.), lasts for two to three years! Homestead Gardens carries many varieties of bromeliad, including guzmania, neoregelia, cyanea/pink quill, tillandsia/air plant and ananas/pineapple.


Who wouldn’t love to pluck a fresh lemon from their own lemon tree? Some of the best plants to grow indoors in containers are citrus trees. In the summer, they can be placed outside in direct sunlight. Plus, citrus blooms have an intoxicating fragrance! Homestead Gardens has many varieties of citrus available for purchase in one- and three-gallon pots, including Improved Meyer lemon, variegated pink lemon, Eureka lemon, Persian lime, Key lime, kaffir lime, Calamondin orange, navel orange, red navel orange, blood orange, and ruby red grapefruit.

Flowering Plants

Nothing brightens up a home like a flowering plant. At Homestead Gardens, you’ll find houseplants and seasonal flowers for sale that are perfect for beginners and experienced indoor gardeners alike. Stop by to look at some of our gorgeous varieties, including African violets, Rieger begonias, gardenias, cyclamen, and kalanchoe.

Homestead has always been my go-to place for that special plant I need, my annual supply of herbs, patio and home deco inspiration, and a full line of mini-garden items and plants. Alison R.