Annuals & Houseplants

Want to bring your home and yard to life? Annuals and houseplants are a great way to perk them up. Visit us and we will walk with you through our greenhouses. Our team will introduce you to our diverse selection of top-quality annuals. We have something for everyone – whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance way to fill a flower bed, or a unique houseplant to inspire your home office. Care and instruction won’t end at the checkout counter. We’re with you every step of the way.

Garden Flowers & Plants

Textures, colors, and fragrances are all elements of great garden design. Let us help you express your dream gardens for your condo porch to your grand estate. Every project is our every happiness.


Houseplants & Seasonal Flowers

Your home is your sanctuary. Breathe easy and breathe better with houseplants that clean the air, spark joy, and elevates mood. Find rare and exotic houseplants with a team of people that can ensure your plant parenting success.


Vegetables, Herbs, & Seeds

Eat farm-fresh herbs and veggies. The sustainable practice of growing your own food has never been easier. Patio pots of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce mixes, strawberries - all grown by you for your family and friends. Homestead Gardens can show you how to grow and harvest your own food.


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