Fencing Your Vegetable Garden to Keep the Critters Out

Your vegetable garden is enjoyed by all, and not just the members of your family. If left unattended and unguarded, it will be enjoyed by the little and larger critters who live nearby, too. To protect your garden from said creatures, try these DIY garden fences as recommended by the staff at Homestead Gardens…

Fencing Your Vegetable Garden to Keep the Critters Out:

  • Netting – Netting is great for keeping birds from landing on your berry plants and eating everything. And if you are able to stretch it to the ground around the plants, it helps to keep bunnies and squirrels out as well. Stake the netting down with sticks or inexpensive stakes, and you’ll be reaping the bounty of your harvest in no time!
  • Fencing – Short, open picket-style fences with chicken wire strung around the bottom two feet are excellent for keeping out the bunny rabbits, and they let good sunlight through to provide nourishment to the plants. These fences tend to be a bit more permanent than the netting, and they are still easy to maneuver when it comes to tending the garden. If they’re short enough, you can climb over to access the garden.
  • Electric Fences – If deer are a problem, you might want to install an electric fence. Deer are excellent jumpers, so you’ll want to stretch it 8 to 10 feet high. When building your fence, design it with a door you can easily open and close so you can maintain the garden and harvest it without difficulty.
  • Combination – Sometimes combining multiple fence ideas is what’s needed to keep your vegetables protected from critters. To make it easier, group vegetables together that need the same type of fencing. For example, all your berry fruits that birds like to eat can be gathered together so you can purchase a smaller amount of netting.

There are other avenues you can use to keep critters out of your garden. There are owl statues you can put on your house, scarecrows you can stake in the middle of the garden and organic pest-control products that keep animals away from the garden.

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