Fall Lawn Care Tips from Jonathan Green, Inc.

We’re proud partners with Jonathan Green, Inc., a leading company in lawn care products. Barry Green is one of the sixth generation of Green family members to lead the company. Recently, he shared with us the top 6 questions folks ask him about Fall lawn care. We thought you might want to hear from him directly on what you should do to maintain a beautiful lawn this season!  

What do I have to do to plant new grass seed?
Answer:  Scratch the ground to create grooves in the soil for the seed to lodge in.  Spread the seed using a lawn spreader first in one direction and then at a right angle make a second pass.  Do not plant the seed too deep only 1/4 inch of soil should cover the seed.
In what order do you apply lawn products when you are trying to establish a new lawn?
Answer:  There is no right order and they can all be spread the same day one right after the other.  They should not be mixed in the same spreader because they are different size particles and have different spreader settings.  I do suggest putting down the seed first because the more you walk over the lawn the more you press the seed into the soil which provides great seed to soil contact and the best germination results.
Barry suggests using Black Beauty Grass Seed Mixture, Green-Up for Seeding & Sodding Fertilizer, Love Your Soil, Mag-I-Cal
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When do I need to fertilize the new grass again?
 Answer:  If you have used Green-Up for Seeding & Sodding Fertilizer to start your lawn in September it should be fertilized one more time in mid to late November with Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer.  This strengthens the grass with extra potassium to help it survive the cold desiccating winds of winter.
When can I mow the new lawn?
 Answer:  Don’t mow until the new grass has reached 3-inches in height, then never cut off more than half of the grass blade at one time.  The new lawn will fill in faster if it gets mowed 3-4 times before the real cold weather sets in during December.  
What are the most shade tolerant seed mixtures and why do they survive in the shade better than the other seed mixtures we sell?
Answer:  Dense Shade and Shady Nooks Grass Seed Mixtures are our two grass seed mixtures for shade.  They are the best performers in shady lawns because the grass seed varieties that we have selected for these mixtures have been bred for shade tolerance in addition to a great looking uniform growth habit.  The Dense Shade will thrive in 50%-60% shade or 4-6 hours of sunlight each day.  The Shady Nooks also contains one other super shade tolerant grass type which is named Harpoon Hard Fescue.  It will thrive and survive in 70%-80% shade or 2-4 hours of natural sunlight each day.
What is the difference between Black Beauty Original, Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed and now Black Beauty Solar Green Mixtures?
Answer:  Black Beauty Original contains three elite tall fescues.  Black Beauty Ultra contains the same three elite tall fescues, with perennial ryegrass for fast germination and kentucky bluegrass to fill in bare spots and finally Black Beauty Solar Green contains the same three tall fescues and Solar Texas Bluegrass which is the most drought tolerant Bluegrass available today.  It will survive and thrive in 100 degree heat.  This is the seed mixture planted by the majority of sod growers today.
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