Water Gardens

Water can have a soothing, magical effect along with the added benefit of being an enormous asset to any landscaping. Our selection includes many hardy and tropical plants for water gardens, as well as specialty goldfish and koi. From tadpoles to snails, pond purifiers to water filters, our Water Gardening Department has everything you need to create a beautiful pond.

For those pond owners who have been looking for pond plants and friendly aquatic creatures, your search has finally ended. Our remodeled Water Gardening area is now well-stocked with healthy, beautiful, pond plants, and all of the accessories you need to create the perfect pond that you and your family can easily maintain and enjoy for years to come. We carry a huge selection of pond chemicals, fish, aquatic plants and food, pumps, skimmers, filtering systems, UV lights, pond liners and many other pond accessories!

Homestead Gardens is proud to welcome Dave Kemon as our Water Gardening Specialist. Dave brings over fifteen years of water gardening experience to Homestead Gardens and is ready to assist you with your water gardening needs. You can contact Dave Kemon at 410.798.5000 with any questions or comments that you may have.