Summer Trees & Shrubs

crapemyrtle-muskogeeCrapemyrtle Season is Upon Us!

As summer begins we once again look forward to a wonderful burst of color in our landscapes from the myriad varieties of Crapemyrtles.

We introduced  you last year to the Magic series and they have become a very unique addition to our palette of color ranges.  The wonderful attributes about this series are that the varieties are re-bloomers and they are mid-sized with smaller semi-dwarf habits. This group also shows great disease resistance to leaf spot and powdery mildew.  We anticipate having each of these varieties in our stores during the coming summer months.

Purple Magic, as the name implies, shows off spectacular large clusters of dark purple blooms atop dark reddish-orange foliage which changes to a deep glossy green when it matures.  Its ultimate size is approximately 6 feet tall and 6 feet across.

Midnight Magic has dark pink flowers contrasting with deep purple-maroon foliage. Once in the landscape it begins blooming in July and continues into September, reaching a mature size of 4-6 feet tall and wide.

Moonlight Magic is perhaps the most popular of the series boasting bright white flowers against a very dark purple-maroon leaf. The upright habit allows it to be grown as a small tree as well.  Moonlight Magic is one of the tallest in this series growing to 8-12 feet by 4-6 feet across.

Plum Magic has fuchsia-pink flowers atop plum-purple foliage which eventually matures to a deep dark green creating a nice contrast with the blooms. Deadhead the first flush of flowers and you will be rewarded with more flowers in late summer. The mature size is 6-7′ with an equal spread.