Edible Trees & Shrubs

Fruit Trees & Small Fruits

Winter is once again upon us, but spring will be here before you know it! I’d like to introduce you to some new and exciting fruit tree and shrub varieties we will have this spring for you to add to your edible landscape.

Two new Blueberry varieties we will carry are Bluegold and Chippewa. Bluegold is a highbush blueberry cultivar that grows to 4-6 feet tall. Bell-shaped white flowers appear in May. Light blue, firm blueberries ripen late June to early July. Fall color is a brilliant reddish-purple.

Chippewa is known as a half-high cultivar because it is a cross of Northern highbush and lowbush selections. It is compact to 3-4 foot tall and is one of the more upright selections. Berries are light blue and the largest-sized berries of the half-high cultivars. It is an excellent variety for a container planting.

We will continue to carry two tried and true varieties, Blueray and Patriot. We will also have the ever popular smaller patio varieties: Bountiful Blue, Jelly Bean, Peach Sorbet, and Sunshine Blue.

In the blackberry world our selection will include Prime Jim, Chester, and Triple Crown. Prime Jim bears medium-sized firm berries each summer until frost. Fruit is produced on the first year’s growth which makes for easy pruning since the canes can be cut to the ground each year. Chester and Triple Crown are thornless varieties ripening in late July.

In the red raspberry category we will have Heritage, Polana, and Raspberry Shortcake. Heritage is an everbearing variety while Polana raspberries mature in the fall. Raspberry Shortcake is a newer dwarf thornless red raspberry that will thrive in patio pots or in your landscape. No trellising or staking is necessary on this compact variety. Super sweet raspberries are ready for eating in mid-summer. This is another great selection from the Brazelberries collection.

We will also carry an assortment of Grapes, Figs, Kiwi, and Pomegranates. And of course the popular varieties of fruit trees will be available: Apples, Apricots, Cherries, Nectarines, Peaches, Pears, and Plums.

This year we will once again feature the newer varieties of the Urban series of columnar apples. This series has a narrow upright growth habit maturing to 8-10 feet by 2 feet wide. They all bear fruit in the first year planted. Two varieties are necessary for cross-pollination.

Blushing Delight bears apples with a blushing red to yellow color tone. Golden Treat yields sweet, golden apples. A bright green tangy-tasting apple is produced on Tangy Green, and Tasty Red delights with a normal sized sweet red apple. The Urban series is a perfect choice near your patio or in smaller landscapes.

“Growing your own” has become very popular so reap the satisfaction and pride of growing fruits ready to eat right out of your garden this year!