Trees & Shrubs

Our extensive collection of trees and shrubs, coupled with the advice from our knowledgeable staff will help you create the yard of your dreams. Trees and shrubs are the most significant and impactful planting that you can do for your home both in realized value and in shear delight.

We know there are big decisions to be made when selecting foundation plantings. Our team will work with you to give you the confidence that you need to set the ‘bones’ of your landscape to truly compliment every other planting in your yard. The joy of trees and shrubs is realizing that there is as much impact in their Winter structure as in their full Spring flush. We can show you how to find something special to compliment for all 4 seasons.

What’s In Stores

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List updated hourly | Quantities vary and availability may be limited.

Trees & Shrubs in Davidsonville

Trees & Shrubs in Severna Park


We have hundreds of trees and shrubs available, both the common and uncommon. Many trees & shrubs have multiple uses and therefore, fit into multiple categories. Below is our list of Main categories. Stop in and we can help you with your specific needs.

Broadleaf Evergreens

  • Camellias
  • Boxwood
  • Holly


  • Bloomathon
  • Encore
  • Exbury

Roses & Flowering Shrubs

  • Hydrangeas
  • Hibiscus
  • Roses

Shade Trees

  • Red Maple
  • Locust
  • Oak


  • Flowering Crab Apple
  • Crape Myrtle
  • Dogwood

Japanese Maples

  • Tamukeyama
  • Fire Glow & Blood Goods
  • Twomblys Red Sentinel

Edible Landscape

  • Blueberries
  • Fruit Tress: Apple, Apricot & more!
  • Rasperries & Blackberries

For Pollinators

Maryland Natives

Plant and be counted. The State of Maryland is partnering with businesses, communities & citizens like you to help fund and plant new tree cover with the Marylanders Plant Trees program. Click here to learn more and get your coupon for $25 off the purchase of one Maryland Native Tree!

Click below to expand the full list of Maryland Native trees & shrubs that we carry.

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Please note that some exclusions may apply to the Marylander’s Plant Trees Coupon. Trees and shrubs must be $50 or more to qualify.

Acer rubrum (Red Maple) ‘BRANDYWINE’

Acer rubrum (Red Maple) ‘OCTOBER GLORY’

Acer rubrum (Red Maple) ‘RED POINTE’

Acer rubrum (Red Maple) ‘RED SUNSET’ ‘

Acer rubrum (Red Maple) ‘SUMMER RED’

Acer saccharum (Sugar Maple) ‘COMMEMORATION’

Acer saccharum (Sugar Maple) ‘GREEN MOUNTAIN’

Acer saccharum (Sugar Maple) ‘LEGACY’

Amelanchier (Serviceberry) ‘AUTUMN BRILLIANCE’

Amelanchier (Serviceberry)  ‘CANADENSIS’

Amelanchier (Serviceberry)  ‘RAINBOW PILLAR’

Betula nigra (River Birch) ‘DURA HEAT’

Betula nigra (River Birch) ‘’HERITAGE’

Betula nigra (River Birch) ‘LITTLE KING’

Cercis canadensis (Eastern Redbud)

Cercis canadensis (Eastern Redbud) ‘BURGUNDY HEARTS’

Cercis canadensis (Eastern Redbud) ‘FOREST PANSY’

Cercis canadensis (Eastern Redbud) ‘HEARTS OF GOLD’

Cercis canadensis (Eastern Redbud) ‘LAVENDER TWIST’

Cercis canadensis (Eastern Redbud) ‘MERLOT’

Cercis canadensis (Eastern Redbud) ‘RISING SUN’

Cercis canadensis (Eastern Redbud) ‘RUBY FALLS’

Chionanthus retusus (Chinese Fringetree)

Chionanthus virginicus (White Fringetree)

Clethra alnifolia (Sweetpepperbush)

Cornus amomum (Silky Dogwood)

Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood) ‘APPALACHIAN BLUSH’

Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood) ‘APPALACHIAN SNOW’

Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood) ‘CHEROKEE BRAVE’

Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood) ‘CHEROKEE DAYBREAK’

Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood) ‘CHEROKEE PRINCESS’

Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood) ‘CHEROKEE SUNSET’

Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood) ‘CLOUD 9’

Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood) ‘FIREBIRD’

Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood) ‘RUBRA’

Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood) ‘SPRING GROVE’

Gleditsia triacanthos (Honeylocust) ‘SHADEMASTER’

Gleditsia triacanthos (Honeylocust) ‘SKYLINE’

Gleditsia triacanthos (Honeylocust) ‘SUNBURST’

Ilex opaca (American Holly) ‘GREENLEAF’

Ilex opaca (American Holly) ‘GREENLEAF’ B GRADE

Juniperus virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar) ‘BLUE ARROW’

Juniperus virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar) ‘EMERALD SENTINEL’

Juniperus virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar)

Magnolia grandiflora (Southern Magnolia) ‘BRACKEN’S BROWN’

Magnolia grandiflora (Southern Magnolia) ‘LITTLE GEM’

Magnolia grandiflora (Southern Magnolia) ‘S.CHARM’ (TDY BEAR)

Magnolia grandiflora (Southern Magnolia) ‘SOUTHERN CHARM’

Magnolia virginiana (Sweetbay Magnolia) ‘GREEN MILE’

Magnolia virginiana (Sweetbay Magnolia)  ‘MOONGLOW’

Magnolia virginiana (Sweetbay Magnolia)

Nyssa sylvatica (Black Tupelo/Gum)

Nyssa sylvatica (Black Tupelo/Gum) ‘AUTUMN CASCADE’

Nyssa sylvatica (Black Tupelo/Gum) ‘RED RAGE’

Nyssa sylvatica (Black Tupelo/Gum) ‘WILD FIRE’

Nyssa sylvatica (Black Tupelo/Gum) ‘WILDFIRE

Oxydendrum arboreum (Sourwood)

Pinus strobus (Eastern White Pine) (FULL)

Pinus strobus (Eastern White Pine) (SEMI)

Quercus palustris (Pin Oak)

Quercus phellos (Willow Oak)

Quercus rubra (Northern Red Oak)

Taxodium distichum (Bald Cypress)

Tsuga canadensis (Eastern Hemlock)

Ulmus americana (American Elm) ‘PRINCETON’

Homestead Growers

Introducing Homestead Growers

Flowering shrubs locally homegrownHomestead-Growers-Logo-small

We are proud to once again be carrying ‘Homestead Growers’ branded plant material

What does this mean?
The Homestead Growers tag indicates that the tree of shrub your are purchasing was grown on location at our facility in Davidsonville, MD and meets the Homestead Gardens’ standard of excellence.

We currently carry over 70 varieties of ‘Homestead Growers’ plant material with more planned for 2017. Some new varieties for 2019 include Aronia ‘Autumn Magic,’ Weigela ‘Wings of Fire’ and Proven Winners® Hydrangea ‘Quick Fire.’