Tips for Feeding Autumn Birds

By feeding birds in autumn, not only do birders assist migrating birds, but they also help other migrants learn where to go next spring for good food, which will increase the size and diversity of their backyard flock.

There is more to feeding fall birds than just providing the right foods. By keeping the backyard safe and meeting birds’ other needs, a fall flock will be healthy, active and diverse.

  • Keep feeders clean and filled even in poor autumn weather.
  • Allow leaf litter to build up under trees and shrubbery to attract birds with shelter and insects.
  • Choose fall plants that offer evergreen cover and lasting berries or fruits for fall and winter food.
  • Keep bird baths filled with fresh, clean water, and add a heater to the bath in late fall to guard against early freezes.
  • Check feeders for damage from heavy summer use and repair them so they are safe for autumn birds.
  • Squirrel-proof bird feeders with different tactics to prevent autumn foraging squirrels from depleting birds’ food supplies.
  • Protect exhausted backyard migrants from predators such as cats and hawks.

Feeding autumn birds can be a rewarding way to enjoy the changing season just as a backyard flock is changing. By following these autumn bird feeding tips, it is possible to attract a wide range of autumn bird species and ensure they are happily fed throughout the season.