Flowering Shrubs & Roses

Rose Bush

Flowering shrubs and roses can make your spring and summer landscape a true wonderland. They’re a great low-maintenance way to add color and beauty to your yard, because you can plant them once, and with a little care and maintenance, enjoy gorgeous flowers and foliage for years to come. At Homestead Gardens, we’re committed to offering quality roses and flowering shrubs. From our humble beginnings as a roadside plant stand, our nursery’s priority has always been top-quality plants. Visit us to find dozens of varieties to fit any size garden, budget, and style.

Flowering Shrubs

Want to take your landscape to the next level? Add some native flowering shrubs to amp up your color and structure. You can choose from both unique and common varieties, including azaleas, hydrangeas, and hibiscuses. Plant flowering shrubs to attract pollinators, serve as hedges, or be gorgeous garden focal points. We offer many native flowering shrubs for sale that also bring multi-season interest with unique bark and beautiful foliage. When they’re not in bloom, they also make a wonderful backdrop for annuals or perennials.

Rely on our Homestead Gardens staff for expert advice about landscape design and plant care. They’re happy to help you select a shrub that fits your property, budget, and style. Visit Homestead Gardens to find aromatic shrubs that fill the air with fragrance, shrubs that create privacy hedges, and more. We carry quality plants that will enhance your yard for years to come.


Few flowers are as fragrant as the rose. They’re also among the oldest flowers in cultivation and have thousands of varieties grown around the world. Adding a rose bush to your garden brings beauty, aroma, and a piece of gardening history.

You’ll find dozens of varieties of America’s most popular flower in the Homestead Gardens Nursery. Choose a variety with a color and growth habit that complements your space –  whether you want a climbing rose to cover a fence, or a little dwarf rose to nestle in your flower bed or containers. You can pick from the best professionally-grown and cared-for roses, perfectly suited to Maryland gardens. Come in today to take in the wide selection of roses we have for sale.

Our professional Homestead Gardens team can help you make sure your roses are a beautiful success. Talk to a team member today about watering, pruning, soil conditions, and more. Growing gorgeous roses can be easier than you think!

Homestead Growers

We are happy to be homegrown – and proud to once again be carrying “Homestead Growers” plant material. This tag indicates that the tree or shrub your are purchasing was grown on location at our facility in Davidsonville, Maryland, and meets the Homestead Gardens’ standard of excellence.

We currently carry over 70 varieties of “Homestead Growers” plant material with more planned for 2020. Some new varieties for 2019 included Aronia “Autumn Magic,” Weigela “Wings of Fire,” and Proven Winners® Hydrangea “Quick Fire,” Clethra “Sugartina Crystalina,” Diervilla “Kodiak Orange,”   Aronia Lowscape Mound, Hydrangea A “Mini Mauvette,” and many more!

Flowering Shrubs & Roses

  • Native Hydrangeas
    • Hydrangea A “Wee White”
    • Hydrangea A “Mini Mauvette’
    • Hydrangea M “All Summer Beauty”
    • Hydrangea Q “Gatsby Star”
    • Hydrangea S “Tuff Stuff”
  • Hibiscus
  • Knockout & Drift Roses
    • Double Pink
    • Double Red
    • Sunny KO
    • Peachy Keen
    • Apricot
    • Coral
    • Red
    • Pink
  • Azaleas
    • Bloomathon
    • Encore
    • Exbury

For Pollinators

We buy our vegetable plants there every spring for our garden, as well as numerous flowers/bushes in the spring and fall. Berry J.