Evergreen Trees & Shrubs

We always start with the basics. Shade and evergreen shrubs are the foundation of any good landscape design. Visit us for unique varieties, with styles and sizes to fit any yard. We’ll help you select shrubs that will work well in your space and bring four-season interest. No matter what restrictions you may face, our quality shade and evergreen shrubs will beautify your landscape for years to come.

Evergreen Shrubs

Want to keep your garden going all year? Evergreen shrubs are the answer. We carry boxwood, azaleas, camellias, holly, and more. Their stunning foliage and textures keeps your landscape interesting during the winter months and provides a gorgeous backdrop for summertime annuals or other perennials. Evergreen shrubs are also excellent choices for hedges, as they provide year-round privacy. Homestead Gardens evergreen shrubs are quality, low-maintenance plants that will provide color 365 days a year and beauty to your property.

Visit Homestead Gardens to check out all the evergreen shrubs we carry and find a few that are right for your property. Let our experts help you find an evergreen that will fit your needs. Our staff can advise you on the best planting and pruning techniques to help you achieve the yard of your dreams.

Shade Shrubs

We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful yard. If your space has difficult spots, we can help. If your yard gets less-than-full sun, you can still plant many species that will thrive and create a beautiful garden. Shade-tolerant shrubs are often gorgeous woodland species, which are suited for growing under a taller canopy. We carry shade-tolerant shrubs that are short bushes and those that are great for tall hedges.

No sun at all? No problem. Shade shrubs are perfect as focal points for less-than-sunny yards, or as backdrops for shade-tolerant annuals. Shade shrubs are also perfect for defining the border of your lawn and woodland. Visit us to discover shrubs like rhododendrons, mountain laurel, and holly that will bring color and structure to the shady areas on your property.

Shrub Care

Lean on our knowledgeable staff for expert shrub advice. Whether you need help with selecting a shrub, deciding on spacing and placement, or pruning and other basic care, Homestead Gardens is here to help. We believe everyone can create a beautiful yard, no matter how much landscaping experience they have. Of course, if you need extra help, you can always call on the Homestead Gardens Landscape Division, ready to go to work on projects big and small. Have our landscape division do basic maintenance on your existing landscape or work with you to create and implement a full property design.

Broadleaf Evergreens

  • Camellias
  • Boxwood
  • Holly

Shade Trees

  • Red Maple
  • Locust
  • Oak

Japanese Maples

  • Tamukeyama
  • Fire Glow & Blood Goods
  • Twomblys Red Sentinel
I love Homestead Gardens!! Beautiful place with the best selection and the staff is always incredibly helpful and friendly! Patricia M.