Miniature Flowering Plants

We’re BIG on Minis!

We’re big on minis! Our collection of miniature flowering plants add color and brightness to any indoor decor. Available in 2-2.5” pots, these plants are ideal for terrariums, fairy gardens, computer workspaces, windowsills, and even dorm rooms. All of your favorite flowering plants are now available in cute, compact specimens! Some of the plants we carry include Cyclamen, Kalanchoe, Calandiva, African Violets, and Campanula.

You can get in on the fun too. We carry everything you need to create a terrarium or fairy garden all your own. We have plants, terrarium containers, and even miniature fairy garden accessories like animals, signs, buildings, and more. Check out our terrarium how-to sheet. Be sure to keep up with the Homestead Gardens calendar as we occasionally offer terrarium workshops.

Miniature Varieties

Homestead Gardens offers an abundant selection of miniature flowering plants, including:

  • Cyclamen
  • Kalanchoe
  • Calandiva
  • African violets
  • Campanula

And when we find an rare or unusual variety we buy it – so you can enjoy it, too!

Garden in Miniature

Miniature gardens are best described as small-scale versions of full size gardens. Plants are in scale with each other.  

basket-fairy-garden (2)Fairy Gardens

A themed miniature garden, fairy gardens are whimsical and bring out your inner child. With them, there are no rules as to style, scale or composition. Create your own little world complete with adorable and colorful accessories (houses, arbors, trellises and more!).  Homestead Gardens’ fairy garden department offers a wide selection of accessories, from year-round favorites to seasonal decor.


A terrarium garden is a garden planted in a container enclosed in clear glass or plastic, which supports plants in a more or less self-contained environment requiring minimal maintenance. Once planted, the water present in the container is constantly recycled through natural evaporation and condensation cycles. Very little additional watering is necessary and the plants should thrive on a daily basis with adequate sunlight.

Footed-Succulent-TerrariumTerrarium gardens have been popular for many years and there is a wide variety of types and styles of terrariums from which to choose. The simplest terrarium can be made from goldfish bowls, large bottles with a large opening, or any other container that encloses the plants (either partially or entirely) and allows sunlight to enter through a clear, colorless material.

A completely enclosed terrarium that traps and holds most of the moisture is ideal for plants that require high humidity. On the other hand, a terrarium that has an opening at the top for ventilation of excess moisture would be recommended for plants requiring a dry climate – like succulents and cactus.

Homestead Gardens has a wide selection of terrarium glass and other materials required to build your own terrarium garden!

Click for our terrarium how-to sheet which includes information on plant and soil selection, tools and planting procedure as well as maintenance of your new miniature garden!