Homestead Gardens has one of the largest collections of plants available in one spot.

Whatever your garden dreams may be, Homestead has you covered! From annuals for a burst of color each year to perennials for step-and-repeat blooms, the selection is truly inspiring. Indoor gardeners can find countless houseplants and bulbs to suit any interior style. Get creative outdoors with seeds and trees, or find the perfect shrub. Homestead even offers a nursery to get your veggie patch growing and herbs to fill the air with natural aromas. What a paradise!


Want to bring your home and yard to life? Annuals are a great way to perk them up. Visit us and our team will introduce you to our diverse selection of top-quality annuals. We have something for everyone – whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance way to fill a flower bed, or a unique basket to inspire your patio.

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Bulbs & Seeds

Starting your perennial garden from seeds and bulbs can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You start with something small, and with just a bit of care, get a beautiful plant that adds interest to your landscape year after year. They’re perfect for blending in with other existing perennials or summer annuals.

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Homestead Gardens is the ultimate destination for success in your houseplant journey. From soaring ficus trees to crisp cacti, Homestead Gardens has something to add life and color to any corner of your abode. Whether you're looking to spruce up an office space with a flourishing air plant or fill a window sill with lush, verdant foliage, Homestead Garden's extensive selection of houseplants is sure to have what you need - and more!

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Native Pollinators

Homestead Gardens is the place to be if you’re looking for the most beautiful Native Pollinator Plants in Maryland. From the vibrant butterfly bush to native wildflowers, Homestead Gardens has a vast selection of plants that attract pollinators and create stunning backdrops into any setting.

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Homestead Gardens has an incredible selection of perennials that will keep your garden stunning year round! Whether you’re looking for bright colors to cheer up a corner or delicate blooms to bring softness to your outdoor space, Homestead Gardens has something that will fit any yard and garden.

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Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are the most significant and impactful planting that you can do for your home both in realized value and in sheer delight. Our extensive collection of trees and shrubs including natives, coupled with the advice from our knowledgeable staff will help you create the yard of your dreams.

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Vegetables & Herbs

One of the more satisfying gardening experiences is growing your own food, and we believe that anyone can do it! From experienced gardeners with a large garden to someone new to plants with a small patio, Homestead Gardens has edible plants and herbs for sale that can help you enjoy a fresh harvest.

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Proven Winners

Homestead Gardens is proud to offer the most extensive collection of Proven Winners plants in the mid-Atlantic. Why? Because Proven Winners searches the world to bring you vibrant flowering annuals, perennials and shrubs that deliver the most beautiful garden performance.

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Homestead Gardens
Because Life Should Be Beautiful

A beautiful garden can change your life.

Whether you want a quiet place to wander, a stunning frame for your home and yard, or some extra curb appeal, we can help with show-stopping garden plants and flowers. Our plants are meticulously grown and cared for – you’ll be taking home a healthy plant that will look great. We offer a huge selection of garden flowers and plants for sale, including many of the latest and native varieties. You’re sure to find something special for your garden at Homestead Gardens.



Use your flower power. They make a powerful impact. With every color imaginable, and soft, inspiring shapes, they’re an affordable way to make a real and enduring statement. Choose from an ever-changing kaleidoscope of blooms in pots and hanging baskets. Homestead Gardens starts every spring with incredible inspiration packed in our greenhouses from end to end.

We’re huge flower fans, so check out our selection for everything you need, including sun, shade, deer-resistant, drought-tolerant and pollinator-attracting options! For bright yards with more than six hours of sun per day, we have a variety of calibrachoas, geraniums, petunias, and dahlias. For shadier yards, we have a selection of plants that enjoy getting most of their sun in the morning or evening with shade during the middle of the day. They include begonias, caladium, impatiens, and fuschia. Stroll through our greenhouses to see the huge selection of garden flowers we have for sale.


Yes, we love flowers – but we love gardens that have more than flowers too! Check out our large selection of garden plants with stunning foliage. Find the perfect plants to complement your flowers and provide long-lasting beauty. We carry a large selection including coral bells, hostas, coleus, ornamental grasses, and more.

Succulents are very popular now too. At Homestead Gardens, you’ll find quality succulents that are perfect filler for rock or flower gardens. Succulents are perfect for shining solo in a unique and small pot, or for creating a colorful and distinctive garden featuring different shapes and textures. Healthy succulents and cacti are excellent low-maintenance, water-wise choices.

Proven Winners & Ashley’s Annuals

Good news – we are Proven Winners certified! This is a win for all of us, since Proven Winners searches the world to find and select plants which are clearly superior to others of their type. They do this through trials in Michigan, New Hampshire, California, Germany, Japan, and Florida. Once a Proven Winners plant makes it to your house, you’ll fall in love. Just look for the Proven Winners pot!

We’re also proud to offer Ashley’s Annuals. They are premium annuals that are grown locally in Davidsonville. They’re easy to grow and ideal for the home gardener.


To protect our planet, we need to protect our pollinators. Help us save the pollinators by planting pollinator-friendly annuals like lantanas, heliotropes, vermillionaires, and more! Not only are they good for the environment, but they look great too. We offer garden flowers for sale in our nursery to help you attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. Our staff can help you select plants to create a pollinator garden. We also host a Pollinator Club with monthly meetings. Regardless of your gardening experience, you can help pollinators and enjoy the benefits of our Pollinator Club, including special savings and educational opportunities.

Custom Containers

Pots and other containers go a long way towards helping you build the garden of your dreams. Whether you prefer gorgeous handmade pottery or raised beds, we can help create breathtaking tableaus. We provide custom container design and planting at any time of year. Our container specialists can plant in our pots or yours and will usually have your planters ready within one week in our busy season, sooner at other times.