We carry a large selection of soil, seed, and fertilizer for all your lawn and garden needs. Homestead Gardens has the right amenities to help you tackle any project. Find the perfect soil for potting up organic vegetable starts or succulents. Find the right fertilizer for your lawn, garden, and houseplants. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to help you select products that will give you the most impact for your investment.


Healthy plants start with quality soil. At Homestead Gardens, you’ll find a wide selection of soil and compost perfect for containers or garden use. Along with carrying several name brands, we’ve been hard at work developing a potting soil that is designed with Maryland’s growing conditions in mind to ensure high-performance reliability. We’re proud to offer Homestead Gardens Maryland Select Potting Soil. It’s ideal for indoor and outdoor containers, hanging baskets, pots, and planters.

For organic gardeners, we offer Homestead Gardens Maryland Select 100% Organic Potting Soil. It is certified organic by OMRI. Unlike most soils, our organic potting soil is not peat-based, it is compost-based. Compost-based soil retains moisture much better, which means you water less! The compost doesn’t break down like peat, so it can be reused. The compost is sourced locally and is loaded with beneficial bacteria. It also includes organic fertilizer.

We also carry Maryland Environmental Leafgro™. Leafgro™ is a superior quality compost used extensively by the landscape industry and homeowners as a source of humus for soil improvement. By composting leaves and grass clippings, Maryland Environmental Service (MES) converts organic wastes into a valuable resource that is perfect for improving your garden soil.



Homestead Gardens is your go-to bay area shop for all your fertilizer needs. We carry fertilizers for lawns, gardens, and house and potted plants. We carry quality products like Espoma 4-Step Organic Lawn Fertilizer. It’s one of our top choices for lawn fertilization because it includes the Spring Lawn Booster, All-Season Lawn Food, Summer Revitalizer & Fall Winterizer. They’re organic fertilizers, for use year-round, that are safe for kids and pets. Enjoy more uniform grass growth, which means less mowing!

At Homestead Gardens, we’re dedicated to helping our customers learn to select and use fertilizer appropriately and effectively. This saves our customers time and money. It also keeps excess nutrients from ending up in stormwater runoff and, eventually, the bay. Talk with one of our Homestead Gardens team members for more information about fertilizer.

Homestead Gardens is my first choice! Customer service is good...the young people that load the vehicles with heavy bags of mulch, soil, plants, etc. do a great job. Jackie B.