We provide an extensive variety of premium grass sod and mulch products at both Davidsonville and Severna Park locations, offering the best quality and prices in the area. Orders for delivery can be placed any time, or can be picked up at either store using the form below.


Sod and grass seed are both options for your lawn and as opposed to seed, sod becomes a usable lawn much faster. Benefits of using sod include fewer weeds, no risk of erosion, and a wider range of appropriate planting times. Our Tall Fescue sod is freshly cut every weekend morning and is guaranteed to always be new. We offer Tall Fescue sod by the piece or pallet, with 90 pieces in each pallet. Pieces are 1 foot wide by 5 feet long and are perfect for patching in bare areas of your lawn.

 – Sod Will be Arriving Soon to Stores –


Mulch promotes healthy trees and plants by conserving moisture, keeping soil aerated and at a uniform temperature, and by reducing water runoff and soil erosion. While competitively priced, we offer the highest quality of mulch available and have large varieties in bagged or bulk shredded hardwood mulch. Our pine mulch is available in nuggets, straw, shredded, and fine varieties. Our shredded mulch is premium quality, all aged hardwood tree material that has been triple composted and does not contain contaminants such as bark or junk wood. Our mulch products are the best on the market, including cedar, coco shell and decorative mulch that is coated in Preen weed preventer and available in red, black or brown colors. *Shredded hardwood and fine pine mulch can be ordered in bulk quantities, however bulk mulch orders are not available for pick up at our Severna Park location.

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