Everything you Need to Attract Birds in Any Season

We are fully stocked with all the necessities to successfully attract and feed birds of many varieties in any season! We have the choicest food options, most attractive shelters and  all the accessories to help create a backyard habitat that is both functional and entertaining.

Spring Birding Tips

From the Homestead Blog: When will the birds return?

As the weather grows warmer and the days grow longer, some familiar faces will begin appearing in your yard. Migrating birds such as hummingbirds, sparrows, swallows, martins and larks will be returning soon, and it’s time to prepare your garden and yard for your feathered friends.

Clean Your Feeders. Now that the ice and snow has melted, empty and clean all of your feeders to remove any debris and build up. This will help the visiting birds stay healthy and avoid the spread of any diseases. Also, repair or replace any feeders that have been damaged. Clean up the area around your feeders with some fresh mulch to cover the winter’s accumulation of seed hulls.

Add Something New. Spring is the perfect time to add a new or different feeder style. More feeders means easier access to the food, and using different feeder styles will appeal to different birds feeding styles. With a variety of food, you will attract a wider range of birds.

Water. Having a fresh source of water for birds is essential year round. Clean and disinfect your bird baths, or add a bird bath or water fountain to your garden. The noise of the water will be a bird magnet.

Clean Out Nesting Houses. To further prevent the spread of diseases or parasites, clean out your nesting boxes and houses. Remove old nests, scrub and let dry before remounting.

Birdscape Your Garden. Consider the addition of a tree or shrub that produces fruit, berries or nuts as a natural food source and shelter for winged visitors.


What Backyard Birds Really Like to Eat

Chart courtesy of Cole’s Wild Bird. Click to enlarge.