Olive Trees

Olive trees (Olea europaea) are Mediterranean in origin. As such they are genetically adapted to warm, bright, dry (not humid) and windy conditions where they must often struggle to survive. It is good to keep this in mind while choosing a placement and taking care of your plant.

Basic Care


Water once the soil in the pot of your Olive Tree is dry to the touch under the surface; check frequently, especially if kept in a hot, dry spot. Olives don’t like to be kept wet all the time. Misting the leaves with water once per week is also beneficial to keeping your plant looking good.


For best results, if you have a good outdoor spot to keep your Olive Tree, keep it mostly outdoors and move it inside for periodic needs such as decorating for a party or holiday or just because you want to liven up a certain room!

To keep it outdoors, choose any spot that does not receive direct afternoon sun. A sheltered porch or patio is a good place. Olives prefer full sun, however, your plant was grown in a slightly shaded greenhouse and is not acclimated to full sun.

If kept indoors, choose a spot with lots of natural light. A location that is near a window or door that is open regularly is also beneficial. To prolong the life of your Olive Tree, rotate it between being indoors and outdoors every 1-2 weeks, especially during non-Winter months.


Over time the branches on your Olive Tree are likely to grow. It is a personal choice of what to do with the growth, whether you trim off unwanted growth or let it fill in.

For full care information, see this Care Sheet from Schubert Nursery….