Holiday Lighting

Light Up Your Holidays

Holiday lights have come a long way since you were a kid. No longer must you battle strands of bulbs that may or may not work. Homestead Gardens is proud to carry Seasons 4 Lighting, the highest-quality, commercial-grade lights on the market.

There are many different choices offered as to the types of lights you can use. Whether it’s miniature lights, the traditional incandescents, or the next generation LED lights, each type of light fills a specific niche for your holiday needs.

LED Technology

light-sets-assortedThemed Color LED Light Sets

The hottest trend in holiday decorating is LED lighting. LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode”, and they produce light through the use of a semiconductor enclosed in an acrylic shell or lens rather than a traditional glass bulb and filament. That sounds complicated, but what that means is that LED lights consume 90% less electricity than miniature lights and about 500% less electricity than C7 and C9 lights. And while the average burn life of top-quality miniature lights, C7s and C9s is about 3,000 hours, the burn life of Seasons 4 LEDs average over 200,000 hours…essentially forever!

Seasons4 LED light sets are available in traditional color mixes, such as Red, White & Green or Blue, Green & White. But for even more fun, they also come in themed color combinations, such as ‘Caribbean’ and ‘Twinkling’ themes.

1605921Novelty Light Sets & Tree Toppers

Introducing Kurt Adler novelty light sets and tree toppers! Assorted fun, whimsical motifs available.

Pre-lit Battery Operated Wreaths

Battery-operated pre-lit wreaths are the perfect solution for those areas (think doors) that don’t have easy access to a wall outlet. And the LED lights on these wreaths use a fraction of the electricity of ordinary incandescent bulbs, which means they are much easier on battery life. Come in and see our large selection!

acrylic-treeLighted Lawn Ornaments

Fun… Whimsical… Classic. We have styles ranging from cute animal forms to glimmering trees and glowing candles. No matter your taste, these lighted lawn ornaments are sure to complement your style and add another dimension to your outdoor decorating.

Nite Lites & Window Candles

Nite lites featuring fun, whimsical holiday characters make a wonderful gift for children of all ages! Looking for classic window candles? We’ve got ’em! Available with battery operated, light sensors and other features.

There are many different lighting products to consider when deciding which types would meet your specific needs. Come in and talk to one of Homestead Gardens’ holiday lighting specialists. They’ll be more than happy to assist you in your choice of lights to ensure a spectacular and memorable Christmas!

Holiday Lighting Installation Services

If you need a little more help, Homestead Gardens Landscaping Division offers holiday lighting installation services. Even the most humble tree or shrub has the potential to be transformed into a dazzling display!

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