homerun-orchid-isolatedOrchids provide long lasting and spectacular color throughout the year. This year, why not give a living gift of beautiful color and unusual blooms to a beginner or hobbyist? Orchid blooms last weeks, even months depending on the variety – providing enjoyment long after other plants have faded.

Phalaenopsis (or “moth” orchids) are available in various sizes and colors. This variety is perfect for the beginner!

To learn more about the wonderful world of orchids, check our workshop/seminar schedule for orchid talks given by one of our experienced staff members. We cover topics such as basic care, repotting, Summer to Winter care, mounting, companion plants and more!

The American Orchid Society has great resources for all things Orchid related. Check out their library for additional information.

Premium Orchid Collection

Our Premium Collection of ColorOrchids®. Any ColorOrchids® brand Orchid comes with it’s own SimpleShot, a measured watering glass. Proper watering is essential for maintaining a healthy Orchid and overwatering is one of the most common mistakes with Orchid care.

Singolo Orchids 

The Singolo is the first one-flowered orchid. Its extraordinary appearance is preceded by a lengthy selection and development process. The result is a compact plant with one beautiful, large white flower.

Thanks to its compact character, Singolo only requires a small amount of space in order to feel happy and to guarantee a long blooming period. Available in Phalaenopsis varieties.

Orchid Gardens

Our Orchid Gardens are a bouquet of living flowers. Featuring special, compact varieties in a large pot to create a full plant with double to triple spikes and lots of flowers.

Different garden varieties include Rio, Sedona, Tuscany and more!

For the Enthusiast

Miltonia (“pansy” orchid), Cattleya, Twinkle and other unusual species are brought in throughout the year. Please contact us for availability on these unique varieties.