Indoor Bonsai

Bonsai Varieties

Starters – 3” pots:  starter plants offer greater freedom in the future look and styling of your plants. Starter plants are ideal for hobbyists, bonsai beginners and more experienced bonsai practitioners. They are suitable bonsai material and are also great decorative plant materials. They have been propagated, cultivated and pruned to encourage classic bonsai attributes.

Finished or Potted selections: trained, pruned and potted in imported ceramic bonsai pots. Our indoor bonsai are tropical and subtropical varieties ideal for in-house conditions. 

bouganvillaficus – weeping & variegated fig
serrisa – snow rosebanyon
thousand starswillow leaf
dwarf Hong Kong kumquatschefflera/umbrella tree
Vietnamese water jasmine 

A majority of our bonsai are grown locally in Western Maryland!

Bonsai Care

All bonsai in our house plant department are Tropical or Subtropical plants that are not winter hardy. Therefore they need to be indoors for winter growing.

These plants may be moved outdoors in warmer weather as long as the change is not too severe, i.e., do not move a Bonsai from medium or lower light to full sun outdoors. Do not move them outdoors until the average low temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and bring them in before the temperature falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Watering a plant and especially a Bonsai is perhaps the most critical part of its care. It should be done early in the day so that the leaves dry before the temperature drops in the evening. Many factors need be taken into consideration when learning how to water. The species’ moisture preference, the soil mix, the time of year, and weather conditions, all affect a plant’s watering needs.

Always water your tree thoroughly so that all portions of the roots are given equal moisture.

See Meehan’s Bonsai Care Guide for more information…