Flowering Indoor Plants

Nothing brightens up a home in the Winter like some color! These flowering indoor plants will add some cheer to your home with their brilliant blooms.

Below are some of our favorites. Visit our stores or give us a call to learn about our full selection of flowering indoor plants. Also please call to confirm availability.

Cyclamencyclamen plant

One of the best Winter bloomers, Cyclamen are popular for their unique flowers and heart shaped leaves. They are available in a variety of red, pinks, maroons and white. Cyclamen enjoy cool temperatures and moist soil.

After a few months of blooming, Cyclamen go dormant. If you continue to care for it during the dormancy, it will rebloom in a few months.

Rieger Begonia

Rieger Begonias are a hybrid of wax begonias and tuberous begonias. They are popular in the Winter months since they need cool temperatures and short days to bloom. Their blooms have multiple petals and come in gorgeous shades of pinks, salmons, yellows, oranges and deep reds. The blooms are complimented by glossy, asymmetrical serrated leaves.

These plants enjoy bright, indirect light and moist soil. Water thoroughly once the soil is dry to the touch, but don’t let the plant sit in water. Instead of throwing it out after it’s done blooming, you can keep the plant during it’s dormancy and get blooms the next Fall.

African Violetafrican violet plant

African violets are among the easiest indoor plants to grow. As long as you provide them with adequate light, soil, water and fertilizer you will see blooms year-round with little effort! There are hundreds of varieties to choose from and varying colors of white, purple, pink, bi-colored, variegated and more! African violets like warm conditions and filtered sunlight. They do better in lower light than most blooming houseplants. Over-watering can be lethal to them, so keep their soil moist but not soggy. 

To learn more about African Violets and their care, visit the African Violet Society of America website.


Gardenia are known for their fragrant white flowers and glossy green leaves. They like cool temperatures, moderate humidity and lots of bright, indirect light. Keep an eye on the soil, keep it moist but not soggy. Household heating systems can reduce humidity, so be sure to use a humidifier if necessary and keep them away from drafts.

Kalanchoekalanchoe plant

This compact plant has clusters of small, upright flowers that provide vivid colors for weeks. Kalanchoe is an easy to grow member of the succulent family with thick, oveal-shaped scalloped leaves. Low light conditions will produce blooms, making it popular for Winter color. Since it is a succulent and it’s leaves store water for an extended period of time, be careful not to over-water. Allow the soil to become dry before watering.