Spring Lawn & Garden Care

Now’s the Time

Early spring in Maryland is planting time. During the month of May you will be planting all your direct sow edibles and sprucing up your flower beds with new varieties. Homestead Gardens Lawn & Garden Supply Department is ready to help you ensure success!



When planting anything new in your garden, use a starter plant food like Espoma Bio-tone Starter Plus or the new Espoma Organic Liquid Start. Starters can be used on all plants and edibles. They will ensure your plants will get a good start with minimal transplant shock and provide much needed fertilizer for the first few weeks.



After planting, maintenance is key! Feed on a regular schedule, based on which fertilizer you use. Going organic is easy at Homestead. We have a large selection, including Espoma, who offers every type of fertilizer you can imagine. There is Espoma Holly-tone for acid loving plants, Espoma Tomato-tone for calcium hungry tomatoes and more!. Our expert staff can help you make the right fertilizer decision.


Don’t forget a good shovel and some gardening gloves and get planting!