Firewood & Wood Pellets

Temperatures are dropping but Homestead Gardens has just what you need to stay warm this winter!

We sell only seasoned hardwood firewood including oak and other hard woods. Our firewood is seasoned after it is split allowing excess moisture to evaporate – preventing slow burn and excessive smoke. We also carry fatwood and kindling to help get your fire started!

Seasoned Firewood

Bundles – $5.99
1/4 cord – $89.99

Kiln Dried Firewood

Bundles – $5.99
1/2 cord – $279.99

Lignetics Premium Wood Pellet Fuel

40 lb bag – $6.99
1 ton – $299.00

Fire Starting Accessories

Hot Sticks Kindling – $6.99

Fatwood Fire Starter, 4lb bundle – $12.99
Fatwood Fire Starter, 10 lb. box – $24.99

Gel Fire Starter – $7.99

White Birch Firelog Bundle – $15.99

6 hour Firelog – $4.99

Log Candles – $16.99

Fire Pits & Accessories

We provide a wide assortment of fire pits and fireplace accessories including log racks and totes, fire rings,  ash buckets and other tools.

Stay warm outdoors in cooler weather with a portable patio fire pit in copper or steel. Check out our selection today!