Trusted Partners

Homestead’s Lawn & Garden department partners with many proven vendors. We recommend the products we offer and even use and test them ourselves to make sure they are top quality. You will find everything you need and can be confident buying products from some of the top vendors from around the country.

Espoma® Organic Plant Foods

For the past 80 years, Espoma Tones have defined the naturally beautiful garden. From the famous Holly-tone® to their newest product, Iron-tone®, each is a complex blend of long lasting natural ingredients. We recommend the entire line and even use them in our own gardens.

  • Long lasting natural organics break down slowly for steady, continuous feeding.
  • Contains Bio-tone® microbes.
  • Adds organic matter to soil.
  • Safe. Low in salts so it won’t burn.
  • Safe for people, pets, & the environment

Each Tone has been carefully developed in conjunction with nursery and horticultural professionals to produce outstanding flowers, shrubs and vegetables. No fillers, sludge or inert ingredients are ever used.

Click the links below for product fact sheets:

Bio-tone® Starter PlusGarden-tone®Holly-tone®Tomato-tone®
Plant-tone® Bulb-tone®Flower-tone® Tree-tone®
Rose-tone®Citrus-tone® Palm-tone®Iron-tone™