Beneficial Insects

An Organic Solution to Pests in the Garden

Ladybugs are a major player in the control of aphids and mites in the garden. Like the praying mantis, they enjoy eating other insects. Release the ladybugs in your garden around dusk, so they stay put in your yard for the night. Spray a fine mist of water on some nearby shrubs, as they will make a beeline to them to get a much needed drink. Place the mantis cases out of sight in a leafy shrub to protect them while they await the time to hatch in a few days. Please read the instructions for preparing and applying the beneficial nematodes in your garden. The nematodes are super tiny and will reproduce in large numbers that you cannot see. But they will lie in ambush for any of 125 different garden insect pests. Be careful of your application of pesticides, since these beneficial predators can also be killed off by them.

 Little critters can make a big impact. Find these little helpers in our Lawn & Garden Supply department!