Backyard poultry keeping is an incredibly rewarding experience for families of all sizes and ages.

Chickens and ducks are surprisingly fun, personable animals that both children and adults love interacting with. Whether you want to teach your children about food production, start up a modern homestead to be more self-reliance, or if you crave an interesting new pet, we’re happy to supply you with quality chicken and duck supplies.

Chicks & Ducklings

Are you ready to raise your own flock? Homestead Gardens is proud to provide you with a few breeds of healthy, hardy chicks and ducklings to start your backyard flock each spring. We have limited availability each year, so be sure to check in with us early. We’ll provide you with all the instructions you need to get your fluffy chicks and ducklings home and settled in.

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For coops they’ll never want to fly, check out our Amish built coops! You can select a custom coop from our inventory or you can special order a coop that fits your flock. Our coops are very secure buildings that stay locked at night for predator protection. Due to predators, it is great to have a run attached to your coop to provide protection for daytime exploring. There are different coops depending on which species of fowl you own. For chickens, the coops include roosting bars for sleeping/perching at night as well as nesting boxes.

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Nutrition is key to a healthy flock. At Homestead Gardens, we carry Purina chicken feed that offers a wide variety of options including organic options for your flock. Depending on the age of the poultry you have, they will have different nutritional needs. Therefore, it’s important to understand their nutritional needs based on their current life stage. Chicks will need a “starter” feed to help them grow. While mature poultry who are producing eggs will require a feed with protein and added calcium to support their bodies.


Look no further! We have everything you need for your flock. We have a good selection of feeders and waterers that will help you find a setup that works best for you and your birds. For winter months, we do have heated waterers that are extremely helpful for Maryland winters. The amount of mental space that is relieved by not having to worry about frozen water for your feathered friends is well worth it.

Whether you have your own flock or you’re just getting ready for one, Homestead Gardens is your one-stop-shop for chicken and duck supplies. You can pick from a variety of feeds, treats, supplements, and supplies to help you keep your flock happy and healthy, and our staff is available to help you make the best choices for your flock. We love to talk all things poultry with customers. Come in today and talk with us about chicken breeds, coop sizes, nutrition, and any other poultry-related questions you have!


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