Tropical Containers

Create a tropical paradise on your own patio with our incredible selection of fantastic foliage and fabulous flowering plants…Fresh from Florida!

Tropical Concoctions: Container Recipes

Whether in sun or shade, our Annuals department can help you design a container that will make your home look like a vacation villa all summer long!


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Container 1 Recipe

    • ‘Cream Pink’ mandevilla
    • Dusty Miller
    • red Wave® petunia
    • white pentas
    • Tips: 
      • Keep Dusty Miller pinched to keep it bushy
      • If you are planting in a tall pot and you need a trailer, add ‘Silver Falls’ Dichondra

Container 2 Recipe

    • yellow thyrallis
    • croton ‘Magnificent’
    • loropetalum
    • lantana
    • white lobelia
    • burgundy verbena
    • double yellow calibrachoa
    • yellow Kangaroo Paws
    • chartreuse sweet potato vine
    • purple Wave® petunia

Container 3 Recipe

    • dwarf Cavendish banana
    • Dracena spike
    • croton ‘Petra’
    • ‘Kimberly Queen’ fern
    • ‘Solenia Apricot’ begonia
    • ‘Purple Star’ verbena
    • ‘Evolution Blue’ salvia

Quick ‘n Easy Combinations…

Simple! There’s always more that can be added depending on your taste and the size of your pot, but here are some simple combinations to start with:

  1. croton ‘Petra’, yellow lantana, red verbena
  2. ruellia ‘Purple Showers’, red salvia, yellow lantana, chartreuse creeping Jenny, dark purple sweet potato vine
  3. red Shrimp plant, red geraniums, yellow calibrachoa, black sweet potato vine
  4. blue plumbago, pink geraniums, blue scaevola, tricolor sweet potato vine or variegated vinca vine

For Bright Shade to Morning Sun…

  1. ‘Kimberly Queen’ fern, hot pink New Guinea impatiens, blue trailing torenia
  2. pink caladium, ‘Kimberly Queen’ fern, pink tuberous begonia or upright pink torenia
  3. yellow shrimp plant, ‘Kimberly Queen’ fern, red New Guinea impatiens, chartreuse creeping Jenny

Highlight on Foliage

Beautiful foliage can be even more dramatic and just as beautiful as flowers, and much easier to care for! Impressive results can be obtained with a mix of colors and textures. Don’t forget that many traditional houseplants make great summer container plants for shade….try these:

  • FOR SUN: sun coleus, croton, acalypha, graptophyllum, bananas, colocasia, alternanthera, sweet potato vine, creeping Jenny, licorice plant, dichondra, Persian shield, setcresea Purple Heart, sedum and other succulents
  • FOR SHADE: cordyline, dracaena, caladium, ferns, coleus, polkadot plants, pothos, snake plant, spider plant, bromeliads. Also, many varieties of heuchera.

Easiest Container Recipe…EVER!

  • No deadheading…easy care! Just combine any variety of croton, ‘Kimberly Queen’ fern, & sweet potato vines (mix of colors).
  • If you really need flowers, add flowering vinca in a shade to match the croton.
  • For shady sites, use the fern with caladiums and creeping Jenny or lamium, and if you really need flowers, add New Guinea impatiens.
  • Done!