Fall Annuals Spotlight: Ornamental Peppers

2017 Varieties Available

The below varieties and more are now in stores! All locally grown in Davidsonville, MD.

Availability of varieties does change throughout the season so please call us to confirm if you are looking for something specific.

Variety4.5 in.7 in.
Black HawkXX
Chilly Chili X
Hot Pops PurpleX 
Mambo OrangeX 
Mambo RedX 
Mambo YellowX 
Mambo Purple Orange X
Mambo Purple Red X
Masquerade X
Purple FlashXX
Red Missile X
Sedona Sun X

Shedding some Light

We’re not only here to provide our customers with fresh and colorful plants, but also to equip them with the knowledge they need for a thriving garden year-round. Read on for answers to some common questions about ornamental peppers!

Are they edible?

Well, yes and no. The varieties are edible, albeit extremely hot. However, our grower may use chemicals that we do NOT use on our food crops, so we do not sell as edible.

How long do they last?

Outside, ornamental peppers last until the same temperatures that edible pepper crops do, so only down to 45 to 50 degrees. Inside, they make a great houseplant for a sunny window. If you pick off the peppers as they mature (as they get slightly wrinkled) and keep lightly fertilized, they can last easily for 6 months or longer, and should continue to bloom and produce fruit.

What plants do they mix well with?

Purple-foliaged varieties look stunning with sunflowers and other yellow or orange flowering annuals and chartreuse creeping jenny, or try with dusty miller, a silvery grass, and lavender pansies for a softer look. Green-foliaged varieties with red, orange, or yellow fruit blend spectacularly with bronze carex grass, orange pansies, and sedum Angelina. Indoors, any variety looks great in an arrangement with crossandra “Orange Marmalade” and croton (and maybe a soft asparagus fern for texture)—this particular grouping will take you right into Thanksgiving in style.

How do I care for them?

Give full sun outdoors—6 hours or more for best continued flowering/fruiting. Indoors, put in brightest spot to full sun all day through winter. Let plants dry slightly between waterings. Pick off wrinkled fruits as they appear.