As the winter breeze sweeps through the town,
an enchanting destination awaits you at Homestead Gardens.

      Join us for Homestead for the Holidays, where magic and wonder are in the air. Be amazed by the 23 stunning trees, each adorned with their unique theme, radiating charm that will leave you in awe. Immerse yourself in delightful events, wrapped in the spirit of the season. The refreshing scent of fresh greens will awaken your senses as you delight in the warmth of the festivities. And here’s a secret – Santa Claus himself will make an appearance for an unforgettable experience. Let Homestead Gardens be your ultimate winter wonderland as you unwrap the magic and create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.


23 Themed Trees to Inspire You

Discover our meticulously crafted in-store-themed tree displays, lovingly adorned with charming ornaments and accessories. Explore a wide selection of designs ranging from traditional Christmas to whimsical gardens, each tailored to captivate your senses. As you leisurely meander through our aisles, you’ll find a treasure trove of items that resonate with your unique interests. Our trees are thoughtfully paired with their corresponding features, ensuring a seamless and effortless shopping experience. Embrace the joy of discovery at our store, where your holiday dreams come true.


Lifelike + Fresh Tree Offerings

Looking to buy a stunning permanent tree this season? Look no further than Homestead Gardens! Discover our lifelike trees with a stress-free 3-year electrical warranty and an unbeatable 10-year foliage guarantee. With an extensive selection ranging from frosted to LED’s, unlit to traditional, and short to tall, we offer the ideal tree for any space in your home.

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Christmas Trees

Fresh Cut Trees

Starting November 14th, we are excited to offer a wide selection of fresh cut trees in various sizes and varieties. Our range includes 3’ to 14’ trees, such as Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, Noble Fir, Balsam Fir, Grand Fir, and Nordmann Fir. Check out the details below for more information. Get your perfect Christmas tree today!

Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir grows cone-shaped naturally and has 1” to 1-1/2” needles that radiate in all directions. When crushed, these needles have a sweet fragrance. One of the key characteristics that makes this tree so popular is its ability to retain its needles for several weeks, meaning less cleanup and a longer-lasting tree

Fraser Fir
The most popular variety. Fraser Fir has dark green needles, 1/2” to 1” long. The tree has excellent needle retention along with a nice scent. The Fraser Fir branches turn slightly upward. They have good form and needle-retention.

Balsam Fir
Balsam fir needles are flattish in shape, about 5/8″ to 1-1/2” in length, and have slightly notched ends. The needles are soft to the touch and range in color from dark green to silver-blue, giving the tree a unique texture. The branches are sturdy enough to support ornaments of varying weights without sagging. Additionally, the balsam fir’s shape is conical, making it ideal for displaying in a stand or tree skirt.

Noble Fir
Noble Fir needles turn upward, exposing the lower branches. Known for its beauty, the noble fir has a long keep ability, and its stiff branches make it a good tree for heavy ornaments, as well as providing excellent greenery for wreaths and garland.

Nordmann Fir
With dark, glossy needles, Nordmann Firs are favored for their attractive foliage and they have the best needle retention of all our Christmas tree varieties! The Nordmann fir lacks a fragrance, making it a great choice for families with allergies or sensitivities to the typical tree aroma.

Grand Fir
With its long, soft needles and an attractive, pyramidal silhouette, the grand fir is a beloved evergreen variety for seasonal decorating. Homestead Gardens, a well-known nursery, offers grand fir trees that emit a citrusy scent and are a rich green hue. Additionally, grand firs are known to have sturdy branches that can hold a variety of ornaments, making them an ideal choice for those who enjoy a heavily decorated tree.

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Fresh Wreaths + Greens

Get your holiday decorating off to a fresh start with our mid-November arrival of fresh greens and wreaths. Our selection includes vibrant mixed evergreen wreaths, beautifully custom-made on-site. For a classic touch, we offer boxwood wreaths, and for those who appreciate natural beauty, magnolia wreaths are available. Explore our extensive collection of garlands, roping, mantelpieces, door swags, centerpieces, mailbox ‘Huggies,’ and assorted bunched greens. Let Homestead Gardens help you bring the festive spirit to your home this holiday season! Discover essential tips for caring for your holiday greens in this comprehensive guide.

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Our Poinsettias

Poinsettias are one of the most popular plants during the holiday season. And with so many options from which to choose, it’s no wonder these colorful beauties are perfect for holiday gift giving. From different varieties to different hues, you’re sure to find a poinsettia that suits your needs. At Homestead Gardens we have a vibrant array of poinsettias from which you can choose. Grown locally in Davidsonville, the poinsettias in our Premium Collection boast optimum color for your winter.

Novelty Poinsettias
In addition to the more traditional varieties – red, white, pink and marble, Homestead Gardens carries many novelty selections. Some of the varieties we carry include Autumn Leaves, Christmas Eve Red/Wintersun White, Orange Spice, Red Glitter, Jingle Bell Rock, Tapestry, Ruby Frost, Ice Punch and Premium Ice Crystal. If you’re looking for a new spin on this classic plant, try one of Homestead Gardens’ new varieties. These include Envy, Luv U Light Pink and Peppermint Ruffles.

Most of our poinsettias are available in multiple pot sizes including 4.5”, 7” and 10”. Mini pots, poinsettia trees, hanging baskets and tabletop pans are also available in select varieties.

Gift Poinsettias
Poinsettias make wonderful holiday gifts during the giving season. Since they’re so well-loved, they sell out fast. Make sure to get yours before they’re gone!

Premium Poinsettia Collection
All poinsettias in our Premium Poinsettia Collection are locally grown right here in Davidsonville, Maryland. This means fresh plants arrive daily to our retail greenhouses. In addition to traditional favorites in red and white our selection includes premium varieties like Red Glitter, Envy, Peppermint Ruffles, Tapestry and many more.

Poinsettia Care
Poinsettias prefer a semi-cool and humid location with bright, indirect light. Cold drafts or a cold window can cause damage to their leaves. Poinsettia plants should be watered thoroughly and the soil kept moist, but be sure not to let them sit in water-filled saucers, or they can suffer from root rot. Discover valuable insights and guidelines on poinsettia care information here.

assorted poinsettia varieties

Homestead Holiday Events

Celebrate this enchanting holiday season with a spectacular array of exciting events at Homestead Gardens! Join us for our highly anticipated, sensational Preview Party, an exclusive event where you can immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring atmosphere of our lavishly decorated venue. Be among the first to witness the breathtaking display of lights and magic at our highly anticipated Grand Illumination, creating a truly unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to bring your camera and capture heartwarming photos with Santa himself, ensuring cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Come and immerse yourself in the joy, wonder, and festive spirit of the holiday season, only at Homestead Gardens.

Learn more about any of our Holiday Events by clicking the tiles below:

Holiday Preview Party

Experience the magic of the holiday season at Homestead Gardens’ 2023 Preview Party! Join us as we unveil our enchanting stores transformed into joyful wonderlands.

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Decorating Your Christmas Tree the Homestead Way

Experience our highly-anticipated Interactive Tree Decorating Workshop! Limited spots available, so don’t wait! Join us to unleash your creativity and master the art of decorating trees. Learn expert tips and tricks from our presenter.

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Holiday Tablescaping the Homestead Way

Discover the art of Holiday Tablescaping, the Homestead Way, and unlock the secrets to creating stunning and unforgettable festive table displays. Join us for this engaging, informational, and interactive learning experience.

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Grand Illumination

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking sight of over 250,000 lights illuminating the enchanting properties of Homestead Gardens. Get ready to witness the magic as you step into a winter wonderland at our Davidsonville, MD and Smyrna, DE locations.

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Kids Craft: Pinecone Ornament Workshop

Join us for a delightful Kids Craft Workshop: Pinecone Ornaments! Experience a festive atmosphere filled with holiday cheer and creativity. We have limited spots available, so be sure to reserve yours soon.

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Decorating Your Christmas Tree the Homestead Way

Experience our highly-anticipated Interactive Tree Decorating Workshop! Limited spots available, so don’t wait! Join us to unleash your creativity and master the art of decorating trees. Learn expert tips and tricks from our presenter.

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Santa Visits Begin

Get into the holiday spirit and celebrate the season of joy and wonder with Photos with Santa at Homestead Gardens. Bring your family and friends to share in this delightful opportunity to create lasting memories with the one and only Santa Claus himself.

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Santa Paws

Join us at Santa Paws 2023, a joyous celebration where your furry friends can bring along their beloved humans to Homestead Gardens! Capture the perfect holiday memory with a heartwarming picture with Santa amidst a magical backdrop of twinkling lights and festive cheer.

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Decorating Your Christmas Tree the Homestead Way

Experience our highly-anticipated Interactive Tree Decorating Workshop! Limited spots available, so don’t wait! Join us to unleash your creativity and master the art of decorating trees. Learn expert tips and tricks from our presenter.

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Lights of Kindness

The Rotary Club of South Anne Arundel County proudly presents the 10th annual Lights of Kindness event. Experience the magic of our unique Christmas tree and wreath decorating contest. Admire the beautifully adorned trees and wreaths while supporting local charities.

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Storytime with Mrs. Claus

Join us for a delightful event where Mrs. Claus, with her warm and comforting voice, reads from our enchanting collection of books ranging from modern tales to beloved classics. Additionally, Mrs. Claus will personally assist children in crafting heartfelt letters to Santa.

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Holiday Wreath Making Workshop

Join us for an exciting and interactive workshop: Make and Take – Wreath Making. This workshop provides a unique opportunity to learn the art of wreath making while creating your very own live wreath.

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Girls Night Out - Maryland

Save for our highly anticipated Signature Event, the 2023 Holiday Girls Night Out! Join us on Wednesday, December 13th, at our Severna Park and Davidsonville stores for an unforgettable experience at Homestead Gardens. Immerse yourself in our exquisite showroom.

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Girls Night Out - Delaware

Save for our highly anticipated Signature Event, the 2023 Holiday Girls Night Out! Join us on Friday, December 8th, at our Smyrna store for an unforgettable experience at Homestead Gardens. Immerse yourself in our exquisite showroom, greenhouse, and nursery

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Christmas Traditions Live Here…

In the tradition of New York department stores, our displays are works of art unto themselves that come alive and excite the wonder of visitors young and old alike! Our buyers travel from Atlanta to New York and even abroad to Germany, gaining inspiration from showrooms and markets worldwide to bring into our stores during the holidays. We don’t just recreate the displays we admire, we collect ideas and re-imagine them with the Homestead Gardens customers in mind to create a magical shopping experience!

We know our customer – we know that you love the holidays and are looking for some of the traditional themes. That is why we bring back Santa, Snowmen, Baby’s First and more year after year. However, we also know that our customers are creative and aren’t looking to settle for generic holiday decor. For this reason, we strive to reinvent these traditional themes each year with new color combinations and ornament selection, and new displays and layouts. Your creativity motivates us to keep our Christmas displays current. Trends in fashion, color, and more help direct our buying decisions and infuse the holidays with a fresh and relevant appeal. This year, new themes including “Joy to the World”, “Peace on Earth”, “Frosty the Snowman” and many more were introduced into our Davidsonville and Severna Park locations, bringing with them new ornaments and decor items!

Are you a dog lover? A Ravens fan? How about a musician? Whatever your interests, Homestead Gardens has something for you. What sets our stores apart from everywhere else is the variety we carry and the quality of our collection. We marry the specialized selection and quality of the boutiques on Main Street with the quantity found at larger retailers.

Our Christmas shop satisfies the need for tradition with the desire for innovation. We challenge you to think outside of the box store this Christmas and find what inspires you at Homestead Gardens–whether it be the timeless red and green, or a little bit of silver shimmer.


Homestead Themed Trees

Many years ago, in the quaint town of Homestead, one of our magnificent trees was adorned with beautiful bay ornaments. These unique decorations, meticulously designed by a talented local artist, had an unmistakable charm that caught the eye of every passerby. As visitors gathered around to marvel at the tree’s mesmerizing beauty, a term was casually coined for its distinctive style: “Chesapeake Nautical.” Little did we know, this moment marked the beginning of a cherished tradition that would define the spirit of the holiday season at Homestead.

The overwhelming popularity of the “Chesapeake Nautical” tree inspired us to embrace the festivity even further. The following year, we introduced a couple more themed trees, lovingly named “Merry Maryland Christmas,” capturing the essence of our beloved state. Each passing year witnessed the burgeoning of more and more themed trees, embodying the enchanting history and traditions of Maryland. Nowadays, as you step into Homestead Gardens during the magical Christmas season, you’ll be greeted by the enchanting sight of over twenty-five meticulously decorated themed trees. Each one is a masterpiece in its own right, meticulously crafted to celebrate the rich tapestry of Maryland’s heritage.


Ornament Selection

All heirlooms possess a truly singular and unparalleled quality that allows them to evoke cherished memories over time. These precious items have the remarkable ability to attach themselves to a family’s history, becoming an inseparable part of who they are. In the current age, where big box retailers, mass merchants, Internet shopping, and catalogs dominate the market, stumbling upon that one-of-a-kind keepsake has become an incredibly rare occurrence. The distinctive allure of an heirloom tends to diminish in a world where it can be found everywhere.

In this quest for uniqueness, look no further than Bella’s Garden – an exclusive brand available only at Homestead Gardens. With over twenty-five mesmerizing holiday themes to choose from, Bella’s Garden offers a wide range of ornaments and decorative accents that are guaranteed to add a touch of individuality to your festivities. Embrace the joy of adorning your home with these exquisite pieces that will captivate your guests and create lasting memories for years to come.


Our Train Display

It’s no secret that Homestead Gardens has one of the finest holiday model train displays in the region. In fact, this is the time of year when our phones begin to ring with folks anxiously looking for assurance that our trains will again be running during the holidays. Fear not. The holiday train display is one of our most cherished traditions.

The Department 56© villages grow larger every year as new pieces are added. The villages, themselves, are worth the visit, as many pieces have been out of circulation for years and cannot be seen except at Homestead Gardens.

Homestead’s Christmas trains are not only a favorite of our customers, but of our employees, as well. We put a high value on tradition, and our trains play a large part in the Homestead Gardens holiday experience. We see this year after year as parents, who grew up visiting our train display, return with their own children to build new memories. And this is something that makes us very, very proud.

Reggie Pratt here is the familiar “conductor” of our train operation, which he’ll tell anyone took four people two full weeks to create.   The whole kit and caboodle fills up an entire sea container – and some – which is stored in an out-of-the-way part of the property. So, is Reggie a real conductor or does he just play one at this time of the year?  In real life he retired from the telephone company in 2000 and has worked at Homestead for several years in the past.  This being a family operation, the train’s platform was built by another former employee’s dad.

Davidsonville Holiday Train General Hours – November 5th through December 30th
Monday – Friday from 1pm to 7pm
Saturday from 10am to 8pm
Sunday from 10am to 6pm

Davidsonville Holiday Train Specialty Hours
November 20th-22nd from 10am to 7pm
November 24th from 10 am to 8pm
December 24th from 10am to 5pm
December 26th-30th from 11am to 5pm

Severna Park Holiday Train General Hours – November 27th through December 30th
Monday – Friday from 9am to 7pm
Saturday from 9am to 8pm
Sunday from 9am to 6pm

Smyrna Holiday Train General Hours – November 5th through December 30th
Monday – Friday from 9am to 7pm
Saturday from 9am to 8pm
Sunday from 9am to 6pm