EDIBLES at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert~The Local Cook




and I don’t mean the cafe food!
I joined the Homestead Gardens deluxe bus trip which made the travel a breeze with time to relax and share ideas with the guests. When the question circulated on what folks hoped to see, I chimed in with “Edibles” as my primary quest. I wasn’t disappointed. Edible landscaping, urban gardens, rooftop edibles, raised beds and container edibles all comprised a good portion of the Springtime in Paris theme.

The Retreat

Before the eye candy of “make believe gardens” in Philadelphia, let’s check in for a Mediterranean Retreat at Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville. At first I couldn’t decide which of the Greek, Provence or Tuscan lush gardens I wanted to spend the rest of my life in, but at last, Tuscany won my heart.

Sunday at noon I’ll be giving a cooking demo at Homestead Gardens with fresh and dried blends of Herbes de Provence which were widely used throughout the Mediterranean. You can sample a Provencal Spring salad with young fennel and a zesty Italian frittata with porcini and baby bella mushrooms. Come, taste and get good ideas for spring plantings to last you throughout the year.

The following photos tell the story of some of the most eye-catching displays:



One of the most intriguing exhibits was the row of front porches portraying plantings of various celebrities. Julia Child’s front porch and potager was especially popular. What is a potager? It is a kitchen garden first developed by French monks and then gaining popular as the French version of the English kitchen garden.
That Malabar spinach I aalways rave about-vertical vine with vibrant deep red stems



The sign tells the story!