Easy Holiday Porch Pots

Easy Holiday Porch Pot  Inlay

Give a warm welcome to guests (and yourself) this holiday season with a festive porch pot. These unique pieces are perfect decorations, no matter the size of your porch or patio, and you can customize them to fit your style. Here’s how to make your own pretty porch pot.


Select a Pot

Easy Holiday Porch Pot

To get started, select a pot that can stand up to winter conditions. Moisture absorbing materials like cement, terracotta, and most ceramics are not the best. Water can seep into these materials, and, when it freezes, expand and crack the pots. Fiberglass, plastic, wood, and metal are better choices, though you will want to watch for rust on metal pots. High-fired glazed outdoor pottery can be used outside, especially if you’re careful. If you choose a ceramic pot, keep it covered, set it on a plastic saucer, fill the bottom with gravel or packing peanuts, and select plants or greens that will soak up water.

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Cut or Purchase Greens

To create a full, interesting pot, choose greens with different textures and lengths. Consider varieties like short-needled spruces and firs, long-needled pines, arborvitaes (cedars) with soft, flat needles, and broadleaf evergreens like holly and boxwood. We carry an assortment of bunched greens at Homestead Gardens, or you can use clippings from your own trees and shrubs.

Create Your Winter Porch Pot

To begin, fill your pot with soil, packing peanuts with moss on top, or newspaper. Use enough of the material to hold your greens in place. Push your greens into the container with the tallest in the center, varying the textures as you go. Add a few accents like twigs with berries, glittery tinsel, birch sticks, or red twig dogwood. Adding ribbon to the pot or greenery is another festive touch. You can also add battery-powered outdoor lights for a gorgeous nighttime effect.3 holiday porch pots-2

Easy Solution: Homestead Gardens Custom-Made Porch Pots

If your holiday season is already feeling too hectic, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We offer custom-made porch pots that you can easily bring home for holiday beauty. These natural pieces bring life and color to any entrance.