Dear Santa

Homestead Gardens Inspired Holidays by Rita Calvert

Santa’s Workshop is feverishly busy! There are so many projects in his workshop, we need 2 blog posts to show you all of the happenings! Walk right on in passing the Nutcracker guards at the front door. Yes, the Santa workshop is in full swing with toys, elves, many renditions of Santa, Santa hats, ornaments, dishware, canvas art and tea towels.



Santa is there at his desk to take your wishes (if you’ve been good). Many folks must have been by the length of the scrolled wishes unraveling from the “big wish” tree.



Dear Santa 

At this time of year, it’s crazy busy for good ol’ Santa and his elves. Sometimes it is so frenzied that paint comes spilling out of the cans and toys go flying! 


Don’t miss Santa’s Workshop assembly line. In go the strewn about bicycle parts…


and out pops a brand spankin’ new sparkling “ready-to-go” bicycle for a deserving little one!


 Ah, the bicycle assembly line rests for a brief moment, adorned withits own tree, gingerbread houses and presents.