Create a catio for your furry feline friend

With cars, predators, diseases and unfavorable weather conditions to contend with outdoors, it’s no surprise that many cat owners consider the indoors to be the safest place to keep their pets. That being said, a dose of fresh air during the day can be good for a cat’s health and happiness. That’s why cat owners are now starting to build their beloved pets “catios,” which, essentially, are patios for their cats. Catios still offer the protection that a house does, but they also allow cats to enjoy the views, smells and air of the outdoors.

If your cat is ready to experience the best of both worlds, put together a catio in your yard. Catios are often large cage-like structures, featuring space to include climbing toys for exercise. If it’s convenient, consider buying a catio that you can bring home. Otherwise, to cut down on costs, many cat owners design and build their own catio to meet their feline friend’s preferences.

Don’t have a yard? If you have a balcony, you can still design a catio. Simply use chicken wire or a mesh screen to create a ceiling, or bring in a small stand-alone catio that allows your cat to spend time outdoors.

Catios can be very large and elaborate or very small and simple. The type you choose will largely depend on the budget and space you have to work with, but no matter how big or small, you can rest assured your cat will appreciate the opportunity to experience the outdoors each day.