Congratulations to Kinder Farm Park’s Apprentice Gardeners!


Just look at those happy gardeners!  They and their parents participated in the Apprentice Gardener program at Kinder Farm Park in Millersville this past growing season.   Meeting every Wednesday evening from May through September, they planned the garden, germinated seeds, transplanted seedlings and then tended their crops and harvested them.

Apprentice Gardeners

Actually they learned even more – how to make pickles and strawberry jam and all sorts of other dishes using the crops they grew themselves.  And I’ll bet anything they particularly enjoyed learning about vermiculture (because what kid isn’t fascinated by worms?) and beekeeping.   Apprentice Gardeners also grew flowers, and create all sorts of nature-oriented arts and crafts.

Kinder Farm Park

Fun was definitely had during their September 22 Awards Night, seen in these photographs, where the kids were recognized and received goody bags and certificates, and at the Anne Arundel County Fair, where the Apprentice gardeners entered their produce to be judged and actually won 20 ribbons this year!  So congratulations are definitely in order.

Credit for this terrific yearly program goes to the kids and parents, of course, but also to their teachers – the awesome  Anne Arundel Master Gardeners.  (You can see them grinning in the next photo.)  Kinder Farm Park is operated by the Anne Arundel Department of Recreation and Parks,  the Friends of Kinder Farm Park raise money and provide volunteers for activities in the park, and Homestead Gardens was happy to sponsor the garden and donate Leafgro and native plants.  Looks like it takes a village.

Kinder Farm Gardeners and Anne Arundel Master Gardeners

Thanks to  Apprentice Garden Coordinator Anne Nourse for these photos.