Chickens in Annapolis!


Everyone Loves Chickens!

Tonight!  Come learn all about raising chickens in Annapolis.  This is in response to the recent Annapolis City Council vote to allow the raising of chickens within the city.  The law allows up to five hens (not roosters) per residence and requires a setback of five feet from the property line.  Also, coops must comply with building codes.



A great group of experts (including Homestead’s own Mary Sells) will be at tonight’s forum to explain everything – the permitting process, the raising-chickens process – and to answer your questions.
When:   Wednesday, May 30 at 6:30
Where: Annapolis Area Library, 1410 West Street, Annapolis.
For More Information: Contact Cameron Caswell at 410-222-1750 or Jeanna Beard at 410-263-7946.

To learn still more about raising chickens, I recommend the blog of Calvert County’s garden, food and chicken writer Robin Ripley.  It’s been chronicling her adventures in chicken-raising for years now – just click on the chickens category.

From Robin’s brand-new website, Eggs and  Chickens,  we begin to understand why raising chickens for eggs is becoming so popular:

  • Eggs from well-tended backyard chickens are healthier.
  • Eggs from backyard chickens are tastier.
  • Chicken droppings enrich your compost.
  • Chickens provide natural insect control.
  • Their scratching for bugs is good for the soil.
  • Chickens are a great way to meet people and start conversations.
  • Chickens are fun and interesting.
  • Backyard chickens provide lessons for children about responsibility and where food comes from.

Photos by Robin Ripley.