Chesapeake Harvest

Your food starts here.

chesapeake harvest basil plantHomestead Gardens is excited to announce our partnership with Chesapeake Harvest – a business with whom we share the mission of growing sustainable agricultural practices in the Chesapeake Bay region. Located on the Eastern Shore, Chesapeake Harvest is a consumer brand for finished produce, available through Otherside Distribution Co. (Seaford, DE), from local farmers who have committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Homestead Gardens has partnered with Chesapeake Harvest to introduce the brand to consumers in the form of live plants for planting, growing and harvesting at home!

Davidsonville based Tidal Creek Growers will be growing over fifty varieties of vegetables and herbs that thrive in our region. One of benefits unique to Chesapeake Harvest herbs and vegetables is the 100% biodegradable pot made from recycled materials and natural fibers that they are grown in. The pot will naturally deteriorate in the homeowner’s garden or compost bin without any additional processing. This saves time, precious resources and reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in the landfill. Chesapeake Harvest herbs and vegetables will be exclusively available at Homestead Gardens stores, located in Davidsonville or Severna Park, Maryland this spring.

Why Chesapeake Harvest Herbs & Veggies?

  • Naturally Grown in the Chesapeake Bay Food Shed
  • 100% Biodegradable Fiber Container
    • Plant directly in the ground – pot and all! No recycling required!
    • Supports healthier root structure and reduces transplant shock.

Visit the Chesapeake Harvest website to learn more!