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Get Outside: Host an Outdoor Party

Outdoor Party

What better way to enjoy the backyard and garden this season than by hosting a simple summer party? Gather some friends to enjoy a few cocktails, chat, soak in the summer weather, and enjoy the …

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Tiny Gardens for Tiny Spaces

tiny gardens for tiny spaces

Just because you live in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy gardening. Whether you want to grow cherry tomatoes with your kids or some herbs to add fresh flavor to your cookouts, just …

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2019 Garden Trends: Moon Gardens

moon garden trend

We might wish we could spend all of our time in the garden, but in reality that’s not always possible. If you only have a few free days per week, it can be tough to find time to enjoy your garden.

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Plan a Tropical Staycation

plan tropical staycation

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to start daydreaming about sunny mornings enjoying coffee or tea on the front porch, warm evenings entertaining guests on the patio and hot afternoons by the pool.

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7 Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Space

must haves outdoor space

In the modern world, it can be easy to stay cooped up indoors. Even with the best intentions, many people only go out to get to their car. Having an amazing outdoor living space can …

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5 Ways to Add Privacy to Your Patio

add patio privacy

If you live in an apartment or even just a well-populated neighborhood having privacy in your outdoor space can be tough. While many enjoy their neighbors’ company for backyard cookouts, no one wants to feel …

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Little Luxuries: Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Porch

little luxury small porch

Scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest can leave you with some serious envy for those huge wrap-around farmhouse porches and sprawling pergola covered patios. The reality of owning a cozy porch, patio, or balcony can feel …

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A Bittersweet End to the 2018 Outdoor Gardening Season

It’s been a wet one hasn’t it! Record rainfall levels and days upon days of lingering results. Since spring we have battled powdery mildew and fungus levels to beat the band, phytophthora …

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Fall cleanup a drag? This year, give the raking and mulching to someone else.

Just a short while ago, your yard was the scene for fun and relaxation. But when fall comes around, there’s so much to do to get the yard ready for its long winter nap. Between …

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Building a backyard fire pit


Wouldn’t you love to sit around your own fire pit on a crisp, starry night? It’s easier than you might think to build one. All you need are the right materials and a weekend …

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Beat The Heat

Summer is filled with fun and excitement, but it can also be quite hot and pose potential dangers to us and our pets. There are a few things to consider when planning summer activities with …

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Crapemyrtle Care Guide 2019


Planting your crapemyrtle in the proper site will promote flowering, control mildew, and avoid winter damage.
Thrives in sun and heat, provided adequate moisture is available
A slightly elevated position …

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Five beautiful destinations to see fall foliage

Year-round warm weather sounds nice in theory, but those who live in four-season regions would miss the beautiful season of fall. A few months of cool sweater weather, pumpkin carving, holiday parties and fall comfort …

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Use these tricks to keep those pesky mosquitoes away

Anyone who lives in a mosquito-infested area knows that all it takes to end an outdoor party or a lovely evening out on the patio is a swarm of bugs. Not only do mosquito bites …

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What you need to know about laying a brick patio

Now that spring is here and summer is just around the corner, you can finally dust off your outdoor furniture and set up the patio again. Before you do, however, consider revamping the floor with …

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Say thanks with these great Father’s Day gift ideas

From your fun and free childhood days to your rebellious high school phase, he’s been there for you through it all. Say thanks and show your appreciation this Father’s Day with a thoughtful gift. At …

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5 Ways to Cool Down in a Hot Backyard

By Jane Blanchard
The summer season is upon us and that means hotter temperatures are in store for everyone. Even though there is no escaping the sun, people enjoy spending time in …

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5 of Homestead Gardens favorite things to grill

There are many reasons to love spring and summer. You might like the warmer weather, longer days or fun activities like swimming and biking. At Homestead Gardens, we get excited for grilling. Cooking outdoors …

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