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Bring Your Houseplants in for Winter

Houseplants Winter

Houseplants are traditionally from tropical locations, so as the temperatures begin to cool, it’s important to bring houseplants indoors for the winter. Whether you’re bringing in a lemon tree you’ve had for years, or a …

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Plant Parenthood: Where You Can Find a Community

plant parenthood community

Welcome to Plant Parenthood! As plant people ourselves, we are so excited you have taken the first step into the houseplant-loving world.

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What Type of Pot Should I Put My Houseplant In?

Houseplants Pots

You may think all you need to know about choosing plant pots is what they’ll look like with your decor but a pot is actually very important to your plant’s health. Use these tips to select a pot that’s right for you and your plant.

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Caring for Houseplants in Winter

winter houseplant care

A home filled with flourishing houseplants can be especially comforting during the winter months when the weather outside is dreary and night comes early.

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Caring for Air Plants

caring for air plants.

Tillandsia or air plants are epiphytes meaning that they don’t require any soil to grow! In nature, they take in their moisture and nutrients from the air or rainwater that falls on them.

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Homestead Garden – Keep green indoors this winter with the best indoor plants

With winter rolling in, your outdoor garden won’t be requiring your diligent attention for a few months. That begs the question: What’s a gardener to do? Whether you’re an avid gardener or you just like …

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Keeping holiday plants alive past the holidays


Traditional holiday plants like poinsettias add color and beauty to your home during the holiday season, but did you know they don’t need to fade away when the last of the decorations get boxed …

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