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Is My Houseplant Stressed?

Houseplant Stressed

During the fall, changes in daylight and temperature can be tough on plants, including houseplants. Here are some of the most common questions that our experts are asked when it comes to houseplant woes, along …

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Spread Cheer with Holiday Houseplants

You’ve hung the stockings, decorated the tree and strung the twinkle lights. Only one thing left to do!
Add holiday houseplants to complement your decor. They instantly liven up a space and spread joy. …

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Avoid Bringing Pests into the Home & Garden

By: Philip Agar
The summer is nearing its end and the garden is looking at its very best. But as we get closer to the leaves changing colors, you may be thinking about how …

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Homestead Gardens – Air plants are the perfect gift for the neat freak in your life

There are many people out there who love plants. There are some, however, who love nature but don’t have the time to care for their own garden or can’t seem to keep anything alive. If …

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5 plants to keep your office space and ideas fresh

Houseplants do more than simply brighten a space and assist with the feng shui of a room. Plants help clean indoor air, boost overall health and even tend to improve memory. According to a University of …

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