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Bay-Wise Gardening Tips to Preserve the Chesapeake Bay


Did you know that stormwater runoff, water that reaches the bay after a rainstorm, is actually a huge cause of ocean pollution? This water carries litter, pet waste, sediment, excess nutrients, and chemicals into the …

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Fall cleanup a drag? This year, give the raking and mulching to someone else.

Just a short while ago, your yard was the scene for fun and relaxation. But when fall comes around, there’s so much to do to get the yard ready for its long winter nap. Between …

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The best plants for shady gardens

There’s a common misconception that a shady garden means a dreary garden, but just because your garden doesn’t get full sun all day long doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Yes, the hosta is everyone’s …

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Crapemyrtle Care Guide 2019


Planting your crapemyrtle in the proper site will promote flowering, control mildew, and avoid winter damage.
Thrives in sun and heat, provided adequate moisture is available
A slightly elevated position …

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5 inspiring ways to use landscape rock

From solving drainage issues to lending aesthetic appeal, landscape rocks serve many purposes in your outdoor design. Whether you’re looking for a landscape makeover or simply need to some texture and contrast, rocks and gravel …

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How Can a Landscaping Company Do Your Yard Good?

If your yard or property needs a refresher, Homestead Gardens award-winning Landscaping Division can help you with everything from generating design ideas to finding plant varieties that may not available in retail stores. Plus, once you …

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Warmly Welcome Visitors with a Beautiful Entrance Garden

The front entrance of the home or business makes an important first impression on visitors. If you’ve driven the streets of Davidsonville recently, you may have noticed the front of Killarney House, a …

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All the Bounty of Fall

Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert~The Local Cook 
Fall didn’t simply roll in at homestead Gardens, but rushed in with all the clamor and fervor of a great tsunami spread through the …

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To resurface your outdated fireplace, contact a landscaper!

Are you tired of your sad-looking old fireplace?  The old fireplace in the photo above was ready for a facelift and the owners came to our Landscaping Department to make that happen.  The next …

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Now’s the best time to do landscaping. Seriously.

Most people wait until spring to even THINK about improving their yards and they look pretty incredulous when I tell them that NOW is the best time to do the major things to your garden.  …

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Creating a Zen Garden in a Small Lakeside Space

Annapolis Garden of Sue and Perry Luzwick, after spring planting.
Time to share another before-and-after story from our Landscaping Division – this one via designer Scott Freedman.
Last winter …

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Dry streambed makes cool focal point for hilly back yard

The “before” view

Here’s a great example of the way H0mestead’s Landscaping Division can install their clients’ new gardens in phases, as budget or convenience allow.  For this Bowie homeowner …

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Backyard Make-Over Starts with Great Hardscaping

Hardscaping is the insider’s term for anything in the landscape that’s NOT a plant.  So, patios, arbors, fire pits, even swimming pools.  They’re the projects most of us wouldn’t dare attempt to do Read more »

Inspiration for Designing Gorgeous Borders

Landscape designers Heather Davidson and Scott Freedman passed along some design and plant wisdom at a recent Winter Workshop, and for those who couldn’t attend, here are the highlights.  Both Heather and Scott …

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