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Winter Birding

Red Cardinal example of Winter Birding

Getting the family outside and enjoying nature can be tough in the winter. While the cold may put a damper on many activities, birdwatching is actually a great winter pastime. While it is true that …

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The Beginner’s Guide to Horse Grooming

As humans, you and I have to wash and brush our hair regularly to keep it clean and looking great. Horses, too, require frequent grooming to maintain a beautiful coat. If you’re new to owning …

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The hidden costs of horse ownership

Have you always dreamed of owning a horse? You’re picturing yourself riding down trails with the wind in your hair, but are you prepared for the hidden and unexpected costs? Purchasing a horse is a …

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4 Words to look for when choosing a bag of Dog Food

It’s time to pick up another bag of dog food for your pup; what do you do? When you look at the back of a bag, do you recognize what the ingredients are? Maybe you …

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