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Building a backyard fire pit


Wouldn’t you love to sit around your own fire pit on a crisp, starry night? It’s easier than you might think to build one. All you need are the right materials and a weekend …

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The intricate language of flowers

Words are only one way to communicate. There is body language, sign language and, of course, hundreds of emojis we can use to express what we’re feeling.

Perhaps one of the more poetic ways to …

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Crapemyrtle Care Guide 2018


Planting your crapemyrtle in the proper site will promote flowering, control mildew, and avoid winter damage.
Thrives in sun and heat, provided adequate moisture is available
A slightly elevated position …

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Ideas for gardening with upcycled or repurposed objects

antique bed turned garden

Gorgeous gardening doesn’t require a big budget. In fact, when you upcycle objects and materials in fresh ways, you not only save money, you make your garden unique and more eco-friendly.
Check out these …

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Make your own garden markers with these three easy DIY ideas

Spring is the one time when you actually love getting your hands dirty because it means you’re outside working in the garden! To you, there’s nothing more relaxing than digging your hands into the fresh …

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Keep Your Lawn Strong – Even in the Dead Of Winter

If you want a greener lawn in spring, did you know the most important time to organically fertilize your grass is the fall? Most people guess spring!
The Espoma Organic Company shares why …

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How to prepare your perennials for winter

Year after year we experience harsh winters with heavy snow, slick ice and freezing temperatures, yet our bodies never quite adapt to these unfavorable weather conditions. Sure, our Midwestern roots help us handle winters better …

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What to do with your harvest this fall

The growing season is nearly finished, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy delicious veggies, fruit and herbs from the garden. Rather than letting excess produce go to waste, use these storing methods to …

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Tablescaping ideas for fall entertaining

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween celebration, Thanksgiving dinner or a simple fall party, it’s fun to enhance the occasion with festive tablescapes. Use these charming ideas to start designing a table you and your guests …

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Simple Tips for Designing and Planting Fall Flower Bulbs

Bulbs are the gateway to the garden. Plant them now and forget about them. By the time spring rolls around, the garden will be full of buds ready to blossom.
And, with cooler temperatures, …

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Create a Catio for your Furry Feline Friend

With cars, predators, diseases and unfavorable weather conditions to contend with outdoors, it’s no surprise that many cat owners consider the indoors to be the safest place to keep their pets. That being said, a …

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DIY: How to make your own compost pile

If you’re a gardener but you don’t yet compost, now is a great time to start. Composting is beneficial both to you and the environment, and it’s simple to do once you learn the basics. …

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