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Introduce Your Kids to Gardening with 7 Unusual Plants

Introduce Kids to Gardening with Unusual Plants

“Plant a garden!” might not be the first thing your kids say when you ask them what they want to do on a Saturday afternoon, but it can be fun, and it has great benefits!  

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4 tips to get kids involved in the garden

gardening with kids

Want to raise your kids as happy, veggie-loving individuals? Dig up a patch of earth in your backyard and let them help with their own garden plot!
When kids are actively involved in their …

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Keep the kids active and outdoors this summer with these easy garden ideas

TVs, iPads and video games aren’t necessarily bad when enjoyed in small doses, and these devices can actually come in handy during those cold Maryland winters when the kids are cooped up indoors. Now that …

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All the Bounty of Fall

Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert~The Local Cook 
Fall didn’t simply roll in at homestead Gardens, but rushed in with all the clamor and fervor of a great tsunami spread through the …

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Next on our Class Schedule – Houseplants!

Up next at Homestead University’s Winter 2013 term is a whole weekend focused on Houseplants, a group of plants we’re particularly appreciative of this time of year.  There are still available slots for three of …

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Fun Fairy Gardens go Anywhere

Has fairy dust landed on your garden yet?  If not, get ready for an invasion because fairy gardens are all the rage these days – and not just for kids.
What are Fairy Gardens?

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Winter Gardening for Gardeners of All Ages

When the holiday decorations come down and the temperatures drop, as they surely will in January and February, it’ll look pretty gloomy out our windows – no doubt about it.  But it doesn’t have to …

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Gardening is Child’s Play!

Is there anything more fun for child than planting a garden from seed and watching with eager anticipation for the very first shoots to appear?

The popularity of edible gardening has taken …

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