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Chicks on the Loose

Chicks on the Loose at Homestead Gardens

Raising your own chickens can be a fun and simple way to cultivate your family’s connection with agriculture. Backyard chickens are easy to care for, personable creatures that come with the added bonus of producing …

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8 Items You Can Provide to Keep Your Chickens Happy

keep your chickens happy

It’s exciting to see more and more families choosing to raise backyard chickens. Chickens are a great way to get your family involved in producing your own food because they’re easy to care for and …

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Agriculture is for Everyone

Getting involved in the local ag community.
Agriculture is a huge part of our American culture that incorporates a lot more than just farming or animals. Agriculture is the foundation of utilizing the land …

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Raising Backyard Chickens: Note on Biosecurity

Biosecurity is defined as a practice to prevent the spread of disease onto your property. The purpose is to protect your flock from infectious diseases. The only way to control disease is to prevent it. …

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