Japanese Maples!

They’re so beautiful in late October, a poor blogger’s tempted to say “OMG!”

Posted by Susan Harris

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What’s new in the kitchen garden, in the markets, and on the table

by Rita Calvert, The Local Cook

So what IS a Kitchen Gardener?

 First and foremost, kitchen gardeners love food, both product and process. They do not dream of eating a good tomato, …

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Cooking with Pumpkins

by Rita Calvert, the Local Cook
Okay, now let’s stop talking and get cooking with all of that great produce just singing the fall song and calling your name. Scroll on down the …

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Ornamental Grasses in all their Glory

by Susan Harris
Who can resist ornamental grasses in October?  Or even more so in November, December, January and February when there isn’t much going on in the garden but we haven’t yet removed …

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What I’m doing in my garden in October

by Susan Harris
You know those long lists of Things to Do This Month, with somewhere between 20 and 30 items? Honestly, instead of inspiring me to take action, they cause my eyes to glaze over …

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Cooking with Figs

by Rita Calvert, the Local Cook  (and don’t miss Rita’s All About Figs)

Chevre Stuffed Figs with Peppered Honey
Serves 4

Fresh figs are becoming an increasingly adaptive tree to the Chesapeake Region. …

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Homestead Gardens Blog – the What, Who, and How

What IS this?
It’s a team blog brought to you by an independent garden center in Davidsonville and Severna Park, Maryland.   Blogs are simply websites that scroll new articles (called posts) sequentially on the home …

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Homestead Gardenblogger Susan Harris

Susan Harris caught the gardening bug growing up in Virginia, became certified as a Master Gardener in Washington, D.C., and has been gardening in Maryland for almost 30 years.  Admittedly obsessed with gardening, she’s enjoying …

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Homestead Blog Contributor Rita Calvert, the Local Cook

Rita is a freelance writer and photographer of the sustainable farming story, and a founding member of Buy Fresh Buy Local- Chespeake Region.  Her recipes and photos can be found at the Great Kids Farm blog.  …

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