A Bittersweet End to the 2018 Outdoor Gardening Season

It’s been a wet one hasn’t it! Record rainfall levels and days upon days of lingering results. Since spring we have battled powdery mildew and fungus levels to beat the band, phytophthora …

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Fall cleanup a drag? This year, give the raking and mulching to someone else.

Just a short while ago, your yard was the scene for fun and relaxation. But when fall comes around, there’s so much to do to get the yard ready for its long winter nap. Between …

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Keeping Pets Safe During the Holidays

Holidays are a time when families and friends come together to celebrate. For many people, celebrations include our pets, so we need to make sure we are keeping their well-being in the forefront of our …

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What a difference a degree makes in October

October in Maryland is a gorgeous month. Brisk morning air with broad sun throughout the day and cooler, sooner nightfall. In my humble opinion, there is no better place to experience the true transitions of …

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Fall is for Planting – Don’t Forget Bulbs


Warm soil + cool air = happy plants  
Just about everyone prefers moderate temperatures to summer’s scorching and humid heat of zone 7. That’s true for plants too. Fall is the only time …

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Ornamental Grasses – A Bold and Romantic Garden Look

We live in the home state of the original ornamental grass movement from the 1960’s. Fifty years ago, right here in Maryland, Kurt Bluemel and Wolfgang Oheme introduced and designed with the first ornamental grasses …

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Cutting Back + Cleaning Up

Storm Ready Gardening
The Mid Atlantic’s unpredictable weather patterns are infamous. The top 50 storms in Maryland have all occurred in the months of September and October. Property damage has included unnecessary destruction from loose …

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Canine and Feline Engagement while at work

With the Back-to-School season upon us, our pets need something to keep them engaged while we are away from the house. Have you ever considered what you could do to help keep your dog and/or …

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Add life and color to your dormant garden with fall annuals

When fall rolls around, it’s time for the unpleasant chore of yanking up the faded, scraggly blooms of summer. Luckily, there’s no need to tolerate empty pots and barren beds through the fall and winter. …

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The best plants for shady gardens

There’s a common misconception that a shady garden means a dreary garden, but just because your garden doesn’t get full sun all day long doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Yes, the hosta is everyone’s …

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Beat The Heat

Summer is filled with fun and excitement, but it can also be quite hot and pose potential dangers to us and our pets. There are a few things to consider when planning summer activities with …

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The intricate language of flowers

Words are only one way to communicate. There is body language, sign language and, of course, hundreds of emojis we can use to express what we’re feeling.

Perhaps one of the more poetic ways to …

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Crapemyrtle Care Guide 2018


Planting your crapemyrtle in the proper site will promote flowering, control mildew, and avoid winter damage.
Thrives in sun and heat, provided adequate moisture is available
A slightly elevated position …

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Summer with Pets: Outdoor and Travel safety tips

Fireworks and Thunderstorms

Keep pets in a secure location preferably inside
Occupy the space with fresh water, toys, and leave a TV or Radio on for noise distractions.
Make sure your pet …

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Stressed? Head to the garden!

woman walking through tulip field

Avid gardeners have long known that working the soil is good for you mentally and physically, and now a new study proves it. The National Institutes of Health report that a study looked into the …

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Rose Care 101: Tip for Planting and Tending roses

Knock Out Roses in Landscape

Roses are one of the most beloved flowers due to its beautiful bloom, fragrant scent and cultural significance. From coast to coast, these stunners can make a wonderful addition to your yard.

To help your …

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Agriculture is for Everyone

Getting involved in the local ag community.
Agriculture is a huge part of our American culture that incorporates a lot more than just farming or animals. Agriculture is the foundation of utilizing the land …

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Raising Backyard Chickens: Note on Biosecurity

Biosecurity is defined as a practice to prevent the spread of disease onto your property. The purpose is to protect your flock from infectious diseases. The only way to control disease is to prevent it. …

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Brighten up your yard with early-blooming spring flowers

If you’re longing for spring to come early, you’re not the only one. The good news is, you don’t have to wait for summer to brighten up your yard. There are many varieties of early-blooming …

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The Danger of Bad Breath for Pets

By Ashley Helmrich, Homestead Garden’s Animal Nutrition Expert.
Click here to learn more about Ashley…

It is stated by the American Veterinary Dental Society that approximately 80% of dogs and 70% …

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